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Indian Browser Mini
Indian Browser Mini Multitabs Feature The browser has become much more convenient. The Multitab function will allow you to open an unlimited numbers of sites simultaneously. Incognito Mode Surf the internet without leaving traces. Incognito mode does not save your history of visiting sites. Ads Block Feature Browse your favorite sites without annoying advertising. Top Stories Check all the freshiest topics right in your browser. News are based on your location or you can set news source manually. Weather Forecast Learn more about today weather right from browser`s home page. Weather can be based on your location or from specific area. Easy Access To Favourites Spend your time reading your favorites sites instead of looking for them. Add any website directly to your home screen. Make It Personal Browser supports different themes and Search Engines. More Features History, Downloads, Proxy, Cleans and Remove Cookies and many more. more
Browser V 4