AppsGeyser is a full-service platform that helps you to create, distribute and monetize your App. AppsGeyser rewards Publishers for good Apps created on the platform. We pay you money for valuable and popular Apps you create.

How it works

Every App created with AppsGeyser has a banner space that runs ads. Once your App reaches a required minimum usage, this advertising space will be shared with you. You can place code from the Ad Network of your choosing and earn 100% of the revenue generated or you can place your own banners to promote your other Apps, you decide.

For Apps with less than 100 installs there is no banner space available and no ads displayed.

The space is shared 50/50, i.e. half the time your banner will be showed, other half will be occupied with AppsGeyser ad.

How to apply

  • Register at any Ad Network and get your banner code.

  • Go to AppsGeyser Dashboard, open Monetize tab and click Apply. Place your banner code on the next step.

  • If your App qualifies, your ads start rotating. If your App does not qualify, follow our suggested steps to Grow your App. Once your App meets requirements, your ads will start showing.

Sell your App

You can sell any Apps created on AppsGeyser platform. Use Android Market to drive sales.

Tip: Create 2 Apps: ad-supported and ad-free. Sell ad-free App and use ad-supported App to encourage your users to buy ad-free version of your App.


Start Earning

Create your own mobile App right now and start earning money with AppsGeyser.