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  • Planning Your App

    Plan your million-download app to be something that a million people will really want.

    PDF, 13 pages, 3.8 Mb

  • Creating Your App

    Learn how to create Killer App from content you already have.

    PDF, 15 pages, 4.3 Mb

  • Distribute Your App

    Distribution is the most important part of app success. Get ideas how to boost your App.

    PDF, 11 pages, 2.2 Mb

  • Grow Your App

    Learn how to keep improving your app and spreading the word to get million downloads.

    PDF, 15 pages, 3.6 Mb


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The Non Tehies Guide To Creating a Killer Android App

The Non-Techies Guide to Creating a Killer Android App

Creating the next killer app isn't beyond your reach. There are millions of users waiting for you to give them something truly amazing to download. It's only a matter of creating it and reaching the users.

This book will guide you through the process of creating, promoting and monetizing your apps.

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