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The Сhannel Template is one of the tools on Appgeyser platform that helps you earn extra money via the Internet. We have studied ways to earn money in telegram channels and want to share with you.

If you create applications from our templates as a Browser, an Messenger for additional income, then you should consider the same Channel for the same purposes.

We recommend that you start the Telegram Channel together with the Messenger app. This will allow you to automatically add your messenger users to the Channel, which will quickly increase your audience. Earnings on the channels are due to distribution in the channel of advertising posts, as for example do in social networks in groups.

Appsgeyser collects for you daily statistics on the number of subscribers on your Channel, collected tips on the rapid launch of the Channel and sites for the promotion and monetization of the Channel. Our team will also create similar tools in the future for making money on the Internet.

Good luck, you will succeed!

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3 hours ago in Hong Kong
The Word Challenge is a game where player needs to find the word among a lot of letters. You have 3 levels, easy, medium and hard. Think for each level of the word and your user will have to find that word.
Tip: want to find niche for your app? Try making app for your social group/language. If you know several languages, use less popular one. Targeting small groups of people cam make your app a lot more popular. You'll be able to find niches that are free from huge players on app market and make a great app for your social group.

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Easy level:
Maximum and minimum length of a word in this level is 3 letters

Medium level:
Maximum length of a word is 5 letters and minimum length is 4 letters

Hard level:
Maximum length of a word is 6 letters and minimum length is 5 letters
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