Create your own Text Quest game. Text Quest game creator allows you to tell your story and transform it into exciting game with great texts, lovely images, hard choices and, of course, plot twists.
The only limit is your imagination. Engage players with your own unique tale and let them choose what to do in each situation.
You already made a quest and it is doing great? Add another one and update your app to bring your app users back for another story. Categorize your quests to make your app an ultimate source of interesting interactive tales.

Here are examples of great quest apps to take your inspiration from: one, two, three, four.

Tip: want to find niche for your quest? Try making app for your social group/language. If you know several languages, use less popular one. Targeting small groups of people can make your app a lot more popular. You'll be able to find niches that are free from huge players on app market and make a great app for your social group.
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Quests from the same category are grouped inside the app.
Each quest consists of several situations (for a good quest you need at least 20). Each situation has a description text to write your story, you can also provide an image to create a scenery of the situation for the player. For each situation you can have up to 4 possible actions. When selected each action basically brings you to another situation, type in its number and you're good.


Tip: to create a final situation for your quest like "You won!" or "You was killed!" just leave all the actions empty.
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