Put in your favorite radio station sorted by genre. Create the best selection of radio in one genre. Examples of radio apps from Google Play Store - first, second, third. You can add your own radio station or find a radio station.
Your app will be free and ads free for you. But if you want to monetize your radio app using fullscreen ads or banner ads feel free to do it.

Tip: want to find niche for your app? Try making app for your social group/language. If you know several languages, use less popular one. Targeting small groups of people cam make your app a lot more popular. You'll be able to find niches that are free from huge players on app market and make a great app for your social group.

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Use only direct urls to stream or m3u files! No webpage urls with embedded radio players. Template supports most audio streaming formats.
IMPORTANT! Please read our blog first to learn about copyright laws and usage of third-party radio stations in your app.
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Here you can upload your own pictures for backgrounds in your application.
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