Making Money with Appsgeyser from AppsGeyser on Vimeo.

Welcome to AppsGeyser . Today we are going to talk about : Making money!!!
We all want to make moeny with apps, right? But to really make moneyw with Android we need one important point:
Apps! And apps are only real apps when you publish them in the app stores.
Google Play and Amazon are the 2 main app stores you want to publish…

Every day we get a lot of people creating apps, but not all of them make money…
Well some of them forget to create their publisher account with Amazon or Google play.
Crazy right?

You see… for you to make money, real app money, you have to publish your apps.

So that’s it. Don’t forget , once you finish testing and building your app wiht appsgeyser you need to pay for your own developer account with Google play and Amazon. Not only is this going to be the first step for you to be a real app publisher, but it will help you to build your app empire with appsgeyser.