Appsgeyser Ads from AppsGeyser on Vimeo.

Welcome to AppsGeyser . Let’s talk about Ads.

In every app you create with AppsGeyser you have the possilbities to monetize the app with ads.
Each app in AppsGeyser has a 50% and 50% revenue model. So you make 50% and we make 50% of every app created. In other words we take the effort out of coding an app, and you just have to market the app: Perfect parntership.

AppsGeyser only works on a revenue shared model, so there is no way to remove “the ads” of any app.

Every single app is supported by Ads, because thanks to the revenue of ads our users can build their own app busineses and AppsGeyser can continue creating new themes and services.

We understand that many potential app creators don’t want ads, but in the modern era of the app economy ads is what drives revenue and revenue allowds the app industry to innovate and improve it’s technology.