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Winners of the AppsGeyser Book Giveaway and a New Giveaway

February 28, 2012 by Gabriel Machuret
AppsGeyser t-shirt giveaway

Actual shirt may vary

We’d like to congratulate the winners of our book giveaway.

Congratulations to Greg Lumpkin, Robert Williger, and AppNaive!

We’ll be in touch with you shortly to send you your free e-book.  For those of you who want it and didn’t win, it’s still available on Amazon.

For those of you who want more swag from AppsGeyser, we’re having a t-shirt contest. If you read this month’s newsletter, you already know all about it. Here’s the awesome part – EVERYONE WINS!

If you participate, you win. The contest is open to everyone in the world. You enter the contest, you get a t-shirt! Here’s how you enter:

Before  March 15th, 2012, do one of the following:

  1. Make a video about how you made an app on AppsGeyser. (This can be you talking about it or showing screen captures)
  2. Make a video of you singing an original song about AppsGeyser.

Once you make your video:

  1. Upload it to YouTube.
  2. Use the word AppsGeyser in the video title.
  3. Use the keywords ‘make Android app’ in the video description and keywords.
  4. Include the address in the video description.
  5. Send us, by email to the link to your video, as well as your mailing address (so we can send you a shirt).

The Rules:

  1. Your video will be posted to the AppsGeyser Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ page and may be used in our blog as we see fit. You will retain ownership of the video, as it will be on your YouTube account. We prefer if you use a Creative Commons license on your video, but do not require it.
  2. If you choose, you may instead ask AppsGeyser to upload the video to the AppsGeyser YouTube Channel. If you choose this option, you will not retain ownership of the video, although we will be happy to put your name and any important links to you or your products in our description.
  3. You may not use foul language, nudity, racist, or other inflammatory content in your video. Videos which would not be approved as PG by American movie raters will not be accepted!
  4. The video may not mention any competitor of AppsGeyser in any manner.

In short, if you pick your favorite song, change the words to tell us about AppsGeyser, and sing it in front of your camera, we’ll be happy to send you a t-shirt!

(Image is for illustrative purposes only. Actual shirts may vary.)