How to create the perfect app

Is there a way to develop Android Apps without programming knowledge?

February 26, 2018 by Gabriel Machuret

A few years ago, With no previous knowledge of programming it will be a hard for you to develop apps. You need to learn Java, and there is no other way since Java is the official language for android app development.

android_appAside from that you need to learn XML. However, before you can understand XML, you must have HTML and Javascript skills or knowledge – so these 2 are prerequisites. You also need to learn Photoshop for your assets and UIs. To setup your mobile app environment, you need a lot of stuff like Java JDK, Android Studio and SDK tools. Pretty scary already huh?

It’s a good thing we now have mobile app making tools such as AppsGeyser. This mobile app creation platform allows you to make a game or an app for without writing any single line of code.  

It is also less complicated and simpler compared to its competition. It has been done this way so users can grasp virtually everything about app development while creating and maintaining their apps. For sure creating apps with AppsGeyser won’t be a burden for you!

With concise guides, video tutorials, and easy to use interface, you will have your app ready for uploading in no time. You will also have a  quick understanding of what app development is all about.

With AppsGeyser, you can forget about learning Java, C, Python or other tedious programming languages. If you are studying or have a day job, then learning programming languages will surely overwhelm you. In order to fully master this skill, you need to exert a lot of time and effort. You need to be focused as well.  

To elaborate more about Appsgeyser’s mobile app creation solution, this platoform enables users to get its own mobile app. With AppsGeyser, you can create an app by simply following the instructions that they have provided. You’ll also get an APK version of your app, so you’d be able to download it to your device and test it prior to uploading to Google Playstore.


AppsGeyser’s Features

  • Easy Sign-up: You just need a valid email address. You can also use your Facebook or Google profiles.
  • Create an app for your potential audience
  • Real-time mobile app preview – all the changes made to your app while creating, the preview is available on the right section of the app creation page.
  • Test your App (download its APK version)
  • It’s a browser-driven development – No need for an IDE
  • You can upload your own assets, app specific details, and app description
  • Monetize your App
  • It’s FREE to USE!


Apart from all the above mentioned features, there is no coding or app development skills required. Appsgeyser offers a ready-made online platform and you need to create an app and earn from it. Even if you are tech savvy, you can easily create your apps with Appsgeyser – all for FREE.

In order to know more about AppsGeyser, sign-up now and start creating your mobile apps for FREE!