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Friday Humor

Friday, January 30th, 2015

We have been so serious lately that I thought it was time to take a step back and smile for the day, after all it is Friday today.

With the holiday season now long behind us, and the summer holidays still a distant dream, we can only do one thing, and that is celebrate the weekend.

Below are a few of my favourite funnies just for you, our AppsGeyser friends.


When you are feeling at the end of your tether, remember Friday is just a few moments away


Humor ecard: Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating one of my coworkers with a keyboard. - Peg It Board

happy friday

Technology humor at its best




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Make A Successful Android App – Get The Description Right

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

It has been a while since we last touch on the topic of app descriptions and guys, it is clear that you have all forgotten the importance of a good app description of you want to make a successful Android app.  App descriptions are such an important part of making a successful Android app a success that I feel that it is time to go over this topic once again and remind you all, that if you have a fantastic product that is simply not selling itself in the app store you will never find Android app success.

dog screensaver

Today I am breaking the app description down into 8 simple points:

1: Describe the app – Sounds obvious right? Well believe it or not, many people ramble on and on and don’t actually say clearly what the app is meant to do. You really want to get that first sentence short and concise, for example if your app is a dog photos app, make that clear. Dog photo app that you will enjoy.

2: Describe what the app does – Use your keywords to explain what the app does in the second sentence. For example you can say; View cute dog photos and download them to your mobile phone

3: Explain why is your app special – What makes your app different from any other app that already does something similar to your app? For example; easy one click download process makes our dog photos app simple to use

4: Give full list of function – What else does your app do? for example; the dog photos app categorises the dogs according to their breeds, it updates with new photos daily and allows you to share photos with your friends

5: Give a reason why it should be downloaded now – you need to convince people to download the app now and not wait, for example; photos are changed daily so don’t miss out on the amazing dog photos available today

6: Use the keywords  - Make sure you don’t over use your keywords and make sure they are used within context. I am using the example of dog photos here, but I can’t continue to write dog photos are nice, dog photos are great because this is just spamming and will be rejected by GooglePlay

7: Guarantee – Downloading an app is a risk even if the app is for free people are using their space on their mobile devices and are taking their time to view the app so make sure they have some guarantee that they will like the app. You can always say: Talk to us about our app, let us know which photos you would like us to add for you

8: Contact details – Always make sure you have contact details on your app description because if not people will use the review section to write comments and this could be detrimental to your business.


Follow these steps to make sure that you make a successful Android app.

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