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AppsGeyser is Paying You to Publish Your Android Apps to Amazon App Store

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

AppsGeyser has launched a new initiative, aimed at getting you into Amazon app store and earning money. It is time for you to publish your app to Amazon App Store and get your app into the hands of millions of customers in over 236 countries.

AppsGeyser is paying our app makers $1 for every app that is successfully uploaded  to Amazon app store between November 16th and December 16th 2015. What’s more, if you upload over 25 apps you will WIN a Kindle Fire HDX 7” Tablet worth $199

Amazon App Store

This special initiative is on NOW until December 16th, 2015

We stress that it is vital for you to test your app prior to uploading to Amazon. Make sure your app is of good quality and is working effectively. Many app makers will tweak their apps at least 3 times before they are happy to submit their app to an Android app store. Do not skip the review stage.

AppsGeyser respects your hard work. We understand that creating, reviewing, updating and publishing your apps takes time and resources. This is why AppsGeyser is giving app makers $1 for each published application submitted to Amazon Appstore during this time.

Apps published will need to remain in the Amazon store for a period of 3 weeks to be eligible for the incentive and all cash payments will be completed via PayPal after this period.

Please note, this offer is open to app makers entering apps between November 16th and December 16th 2015 only and is valid for up to 50 apps per app maker.




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Learn to Update Your Android App

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

When you create an Android app you are looking to attract a new audience and get people excited about the content that you have to show them. Wonderful! Sounds like a great plan: create an app, gather a new audience and enjoy your app installations. STOP

What happens when people begin to get bored of the content you’ve added to your app? App usage is as important, if not more important, than your app installations. Look at this realistically. Once you have your audience, the only way you will make any money from your app is if they are actually using it.
Your job is to keep your audience happy, and interested in your app. The best way to do that is to update your app regularly.

Google Play Logo

update your app and relaunch it as many times as you wish

Updating your app will install a new notification on your app users smart device, and this will alert them that there has been an update. This subtle reminder is often what can save your app from app extinction.

Another tip to gain more users is to relaunch your Android app with a new name and app description. Most of us are normal human beings that make mistakes. Often relaunching apps is a great way to tweak all those little mistakes and perfect our Android app.



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Three Days Left – App Making Competition Time

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

There are now only 3 days left for you to enter your app into the AppsGeyser app making competition. Join the battle of the templates competition for your chance to win revenue from your Android app.

What we love about this competition is that all apps that use the winning template and have been entered into the competition will win a prize. Your app does not have to be the app that has the most installs, but it must be on the winning template’s team.

Join now before October 31st 2015, and you can win up to 90% revenue share for your app.

How does it work?


  • Create your app using the template of your choice. Choose from the Video Downloader Template or Blog template.
  • Distribute your app to GooglePlay.
  • Apply to join the template battle.
  • If your app uses the template that has created the most number of installs by 31st October 2015, you will win a 90% revenue share of all ads shown on your app.


app template battle

Join the app template battle

You can increase your chances of winning in the AppsGeyser app making competition, simply by creating multiple apps and using both the template styles.

Make sure you apply to take part in the competition with each of the apps that you have created and uploaded to GooglePlay.

From now until the end of October, you need to build your audience quickly and get as many installs as possible to help your chosen template be the one with the most installs. The more app makers creating apps with the same template as you and getting as many installs as possible, the more likely you are to win.

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If you’re interested in making your own Android apps, start creating apps here.