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Android App Success – What The Experts Say

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

We all know that making an Android app is a simple task, but making it an Android app success is not so simple and takes a little planning and thought to help it stand out in the crowded app market. We have been talking to some Appreneurs and business experts and have asked each of them their top tip to help you along the right path to Android app success. let us take a closer look at what the experts say you need to do and how easy it is to achieve success even in the most crowded of markets

Android app success
Android app success – Appreneur – Valuable reading

1: Rovio – Free apps are more successful – Believe it or not, Rovio, the company that are behind the Angry bird app series, makes more money from their free app versions than their ad free paid versions of their apps. The saying really is true, pennies make pounds, cents really do make dollars. App users are reluctant to spend just $0.99 on an app if there is a free app available even if it does mean they will have banner ads on that app.

2: Trey Smith – Outsource work – In order to have a successful business it is vital that you enjoy the work that you do, in order to bypass the less fun items on your business to do list, be it, managing your social page for the business, or answering customer service questions, that is the work you should outsource, the extra time you have will allow you to build on the aspects you enjoy and you will soon see this time is well spent, not only will you cover what you’ve paid for outsourcing your business will be more of a success.

3: Matt Luz – Icon Design – Your icon design is your face, your image, your first impression to your potential app users, if you fail to get this right, you could be jeopardising your entire app career. Make sure you research your icon properly, get the quality and style right before you launch your app.

4: Sean Casto – Make your app a success pre-launch – What Sean is trying to get across here is that there are many steps to getting your app ready for launch which will build up your reputation and ensure that your app is ready to be received. Tops pre-launch advice is to build your social network, have reviews ready from trial version that has been sent to selected users only and believe it or not, launch on a Sunday when more people are free to ‘play’ on their mobile devices.

5: Taylor Pierce – Learn from your failures – it may sound harsh, but nothing in life comes easy, you need to be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them, becoming an Android app success does not happen overnight for many people, including most of the top app makers in the world, many have to fine tune their techniques to get to where they are today. Trial and error is what makes a true success.

I hope these tips help you out and you will soon find yourself on the way to Android app success.

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For Android App Success You Need To Understand the Android Audience

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

At the Appsgeyser headquarters we are always looking at ways in which we can explain to our app makers how you can make an android app successfully and become an Appreneur. We understand that by becoming an Appreneur you will be blessed with not only having a successful business but you will also have the freedom of working at your pleasure, leaving you more time to have fun and live life to the full. On the blog I have spoken many times about the need to work hard to get your Android app success, you need to build your business foundations and then you will be granted with the luxury of working just a few hours per week whilst your business works for you.

Android app store comparison chart
Android app store comparison chart

Today we are looking at the Android app market, and the elements that we believe that you need to understand in order to ensure your Android app is suited and situated in the right Android app market.

The Android app market place is not the same as the Apple store due to the versatility that it offers, what that means is that there are many alternative Android app stores available for you to utilise, not just the one app store like Apple offers and this gives app makers many more opportunities for Android app success. It may seem obvious that you need to understand the app market, but you’d be surprised at how many people do not take their time in understanding the app market and fall down at the first hurdle.

Are you ready to become addicted to apps?

It is time for you to spend downloading and playing around with the apps in the app market, getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t work. This is part of your market research, learning what does and doesn’t work in terms of app usage. Write down all the tricks you like and what you don’t like and you will soon see a pattern occurring that will help you when you begin to develop your own app.

GooglePlay has recently changed the way in which it promotes its apps, you may find it useful to look back at our blog post that explains the terms and conditions that are now being imposed on the most influential of all the Android app markets. Remember though, GooglePlay is not the only Android app market that you should be studying, there are many alternatives in the Android world.

What questions should I be asking myself when reviewing the Android app markets?

  1. Why has this app achieved such high downloads?
  2. How long has the app been on the market?
  3. What are the reviewers saying about this app?
  4. How many apps does this app developer have in the market?
  5. Is the app free or have a charge to download?
  6. How does this app developer make money from the app?
  7. What made me like this app and would I use it again?
  8. What does this app have that other similar apps don’t have?
  9. What marketing exists around this app?
  10. What can I learn from this app that I would like to incorporate in my own app?

When you want to make an Android app successfully and have all the inside knowledge you are already ten steps ahead of your competitor and are on your way to becoming an Appreneur. Good luck, don’t forget about us here at AppsGeyser when you are rich and famous.

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