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Marketing Your Android App for Free – 5 Reasons Why YouTube Is Essential to Your Marketing Strategy

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Let’s be fair. If you are using a free Android app making platform to create your Android app, then you are probably working on a tight budget. You are certainly not alone. Most people that start out in the app business do so on a shoestring budget, but it is not only the app creation process that you need to think about when starting an app career. You also need to consider your marketing strategy.

Marketing Your Android App

Marketing Your Android App

Today we are going to look at the benefits that the video site, YouTube, can offer to your Android app making business. Before we start, do a simple Google search on any topic you wish. Now take a look at the results. Can you see at least two videos on the first page of the search? YouTube ranks videos high in Google SEO organic searches. Have I convinced you yet? Let us continue with more reasons why YouTube is essential to your marketing strategy.


Global audience – There are no limits to how far your video can travel. If it is uploaded to YouTube, a person in Australia can search and view the video at the same time as a person in Kenya. YouTube can drive your app around the world in an instant.


Builds loyalty and trust – A useful video that educates an audience will showcase your expertise in your subject area. Your audience will begin to trust your voice and turn to you for advice. Trust goes hand-in-hand with loyalty. These viewers are 80% more likely to convert to purchasing your product, or downloading your app.


YouTube is free – The icing on the cake. This user friendly, search engine friendly and mobile friendly platform is free. Once you have uploaded your video to your channel, it is free to be viewed, shared and loved by the millions of YouTube viewers.


SEO friendly – As I briefly described above, search engines rank video content high in search results. Most high performing websites tend to embed videos into their homepages in order to drive traffic to their website. Videos that appear on websites are most commonly uploaded to YouTube first,  and are then embedded into a website using the free code offered by YouTube.


Viral exposure – Videos are the most commonly shared content over the web, driving conversions to your app. Videos that are viewed are 10 times more likely to be shared to a social media page than a written piece of content. This exposure is priceless for any company.

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Should You Charge a Download Fee for Your Android App?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Getting started in the app business has never been easier than it is with AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser offers you the tools to make a free Android app from scratch, without having to have any technical knowledge. Simply choose a template, upload your content and you are ready to go. The question remains, how can you turn app making into a money making scheme? Today we are going to focus on whether or not charging an app download fee is the way forward for your app business.

AppsGeyser’s app making tools have enabled hundreds of people to start an app career and begin earning a passive income, but has their financial gain come from app download fees? It would make sense. After all, you have spent time on planning, developing and marketing your app. Why shouldn’t app users pay for the privilege of using the app?

Android App Marketing

Include Pricing In Your Android App Marketing Plan

$0.99  – A small fee for big bucks?

Have you been doing the math? If every one of your 1000 downloads had paid your $0.99 fee, you could have earned yourself $999. Simple. You are going to be getting money for sitting back and doing nothing. Sounds like a dream come true. But guys, I am sorry to tell you, this is a dream for many. App users are not always willing to part with their cash – research has shown that only 3% of them would be prepared to pay a fee.

There are many reasons why it is a lot more difficult to get people to download an app with even the smallest of fees. Ask yourself the following questions:

1: Would you pay for an app from an app maker that has few to no reviews?

2: Would you pay a fee for an app that has free alternatives?

3: Would you pay a fee for an app without first trying a free version?

Getting money from app users is not easy task, but every cloud has a silver lining. You can charge successfully for an app, but you first need to build a loyal audience base.


Whilst you are building your loyal audience base you can still be earning money. There are many alternative monetization schemes that you can incorporate within your Android app.

Alternative monetization schemes

While you are building your audience base, and offering free versions of your apps, you can generate revenue by:

• simple banner ads
• full page adds
• push notifications
• affiliate discount links
• affiliate pay-per-call links
• direct advertisement

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