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What Is Distracting You When You Make An Android App?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Starting out in a new industry can be very exciting but if you aren’t fully aware of what it takes to become an Appreneur then you may find yourself getting easily distracted which could lead to your inevitable failure.  Today we are going to look at the most common distractions that are stopping app makers in their tracks when they make an Android app.


make an android app

make an android app without the distractions


1: Social networks – Oh yeah, those amazing sites that are perfect for your marketing are often the main cause of failure to an app maker, especially if you are working from home alone. It is too easy whilst you are online to just click over to your personal page for a second. That one-second will take at least an hour of your time and take your train of thought away from your work.


2: Mobile phones – How many times do you switch your phone onto silent when you are settling into a day of work? So often I find that answering a two second phone call will then lead to a quick click on your favorite app, a little read of your whatsapp messages, a sneaky peak at your emails, all distracting you from work. That’s another hour wasted.


3: Lack of organization – Having a clear plan of what you need to complete in an app making session can turn your app making success around. If you just sit down and start work without a plan you will not be as focus as you would be if you have some clear objectives to be ticked of your to-do list.


4: Workspace – So many people that start on an app making path decide to do so from home in their spare time, however, if you are sitting in the living room with the kids running around, the TV on, and your partner chatting to you about their day, in all due respects, you are wasting your time. Take your app making seriously and get yourself out of the family room and into a quiet space, one hour in a quiet space will get you more work completed than 6 hours in the family room and your family will get more quality time with you.

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5 Reasons Why you Should Make An Android App For Your Community

Friday, July 18th, 2014

There are many news websites out there and even apps for the major cities, but is there an app out there for your community? For the people of your neighbourhood? Maybe it is time that you make an Android app for your community


make an android app

make an android app and bring your community together

Why make an Android app for your community?


There are many reasons why an app for your local community may be worth your while:


1: Community information – your app can serve as a base of local information that will help your neighbourhood such as where is the local chemist, or doctor. What to do if there is an emergency or how to contact the local police.


2: Discount deals – Where can you find a discount deal that can be used locally? This may be a deal that has been brokered with a local business or a coupon code that can be used for a larger outlet chain


3: Local news – Keep your readers up to date on local activities, such as what is going on at the local school, when the next village fete is taking place. Which community member is taking part in a charity event or what activities are going on over the summer holidays.


4: Social interaction – A good community is a community that communicates and engages. Many communities have social network pages, but an app can also serve as a place for social interaction. Have an email address on your app so people can send in their comments or questions that you will upload. This will also ensure that people will use your app frequently.


5: Business news – Find out where local businesses are and what they have on offer. This is also a good way to make some money as you can charge a small advertising fee to highlight certain businesses.


Have a look at our range of templates, I would suggest using our website app template which you can connect to a free online website created with a company such as or There are many free online website templates that you can choose from that will give you a free URL that you can connect to your app.

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