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Step-by-Step Guide to App Store Optimization

March 12, 2014 by Gabriel Machuret

Your app is out there in a busy app market amongst apps that have been developed and created by large cooperate companies, how can you make your little app stand out in such a busy marketplace with so many competitors that have much more experience than you? It is time to make sure that you focus upon optimizing your Android app for the app market. Today we are offering you a step-by-step guide to app store optimization

Step-by-Step Guide to App Store Optimization

Step-by-Step Guide to App Store Optimization

Step one: Getting the right keywords

Keywords are the words or small phrases that people use when using the search field in the app store. It is important that you choose the right key words that will bring your app to the attention of app users when undertaking a search.

1: Brainstorm a list of words that you believe are related you your app.

2: using these words see what apps appear in the search

3: Use the adwords tool to find other words and word combinations that may suit you app.

4: Look at those that have high search numbers but low competition

5: Check the words that you think would be suitable and try out a search to see if the apps that appear are similar to your app and if your app would be suitable here

6: Have you considered using keywords in your own language or words that are typically used in your profession?

Step two: Getting the logo right

1: Creativity is key, your icon is what will make your app stand out in the app store

2: Business app icons should be kept in the same style and coloring as your business, you are continuing your brand awareness through the app

3: Gaming app icons should highlight the fun aspect of your app and make people want to download the game, it should be clear through your icon what the game is about

Step three: Getting the description right

In recent posts we have explained the importance of the description of your app. Do not forget the most important points:

1: Make sure your description clearly explains what your app is about in the first line.

2: You may find it useful to set out your key points by using bullet points and short sentences.

3: What will best sell your app? Make this clear within the first sentence or two, most people won’t read further than this.

4: Use extracts from positive reviews in your descriptions

5: Always make sure you have included your contact details, it is so much better that people know how to contact you rather than making their feelings and thoughts known through the review process

Step four: Getting the screen-prints right

The only way your potential users can see what is inside your app without downloading it is to use your screen-prints as a window into the app. In some cases screen-shots are more important than the app description as these are instant images that catch the app users eye and will make them consider reading the app description.

1: Make sure you upload the maximum amount of screenshots that is available

2: The first screenshot is the one that is your sales pitch, make it the best

3: Show your features at work in your screenprints

4: Use your keywords in your taglines

Step five: Use updates wisely

When you update your app you will be asked to write a brief description to explain the update, use this to your advantage and an additional selling tool.

Step six: Review your app

Make sure you check all aspects of your download page on a regular basis, never leave it more than 3 weeks without updating your page, keep an eye on your competitors and make sure you keep your app download page fresh and appealing.

I hope you use our Step-by-Step Guide to App Store Optimization, please let us know how it goes.