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Puzzlemaker “App Tool with a Purpose” was Developed in Record Time

July 27, 2011 by Gabriel Machuret

Puzzlemaker “App Tool with a Purpose” was Developed in Record Time

AppsGeyser recently joined forces with reputable developers at a Hackathon in the GooglePlex to develop a fantastic gaming tool using Appsgeyser API with a unique purpose: to counteract the growing concern that smartphones are making us dumber. Hence PuzzleMaker was born!

Smartphones Make us do Dumb things?

This commercial seems to think so (

Is Google Destroying our memories?

Scientists say Google might be destroying our memories Science Magazine (via CNN

So what can we do about it?? Use PuzzleMaker!

The PuzzleMaker tool was developed using the Appsgeyser API in less than 5 hours by an ad-hoc team assembled on-site at the SuperHappyDevHouse Hackathon, which took place inside the GooglePlex. Puzzlemaker lets you use ANY image in the World and turn it into a Puzzle. You can even take a picture of something with your phone. Then PuzzleMaker breaks the photo into pieces of a puzzle automatically. You later have to assemble the pieces using your touchscreen. The simple process of assembling a puzzle makes you practice your memory, increase retention of that image, and improve your overall ability to remember things by giving your brain some good exercise.

Special thanks to Snapfit.js 1.4 author Christian Effenberger and to the Puzzlemaker team: Alexander Biggs, Sri Raghavan and Dmitry Gorashenko.

App developers are invited to try building more interactive tools like Puzzlemaker. You can email to obtain priority support if you are trying to build something more interactive using the AppsGeyser platform.