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How to promote your business using apps

Understanding Organic and Inorganic App Downloads

November 19th, 2014

In the extremely competitive mobile world getting your app noticed is no small feat. There is so many apps out there that it is very easy to get lost in amongst the jumble of apps. In order to get the best download ratios for your app you need to understand the different type of download methods. Today we are going to be talking through the difference between organic and inorganic app downloads

Organic and inorganic app downloads

Organic and inorganic app downloads must be planned in advance

There are two main ways for an app maker to get their app downloaded, organically or inorganically. At this point I can hear you shouting at the computer screen, a download is a download who cares how I got it. Actually this is not the case, you need to understand the difference between organic and non-organic app downloads in order to implement the most successful app distribution plan.

Organic app download:

An organic app download is one where a potential user comes to your app through a search for apps using the search mode. The user is usually unaware of your app and is seeking an app using keywords that you have used in your app download page. The user will then look at your download page and decide whether or not your app suits their needs.

Inorganic app download:

An inorganic install is one where the user has come to your app download page for a reason, they may have been recommended your app by a friend or they have seen some form of promotion of your app. Most inorganic downloads occur because there is some form of incentive for the user, it may be to get more knowledge on your business, get a discount code, or to compete with friends on a game, whatever the reason is, they have been brought directly to your app for a reason.

Your job as an app maker is to plan your organic and inorganic app downloads marketing plans. You need to ensure your ASO is in place and your external marketing is planned out.

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Make An App Go Viral – Is Your App Worth Returning To?

November 17th, 2014

Your app is the best app ever, when people see your app they simply love it. Well that is what you hope will happen and what you want to happen is that they will love it so much that they will share the app and your app will be the lucky one. Can you really be the one that can make an app go viral? Wait a minute, have you made sure that your app is not a one minute wonder?


One trick app

Many apps out there are nice, do the job but don’t have that extra something that will make a user return to the app time after time. You need to be brutally honest with yourself and ask why will people want to return to my app or is my app a one trick app that will die an early death?

Make An App Go Viral

Make An App Go Viral – offer rewards


One way to get people to return to your app is to reward them, everyone likes a rewards, it is a characteristic that is built into us from a young age. Rewarding someone will make them feel good and will encourage them to share your app in the hope of getting more rewards.

Your success is based upon the usage value of your app, the more usage value the app has, the more likelihood the app will be shared and become viral. The option to invite friends with each usage of the app should be built into the app’s business plan.

Sharing the app is a huge step towards your app becoming viral, that is of course if those that the app is shared with actually download it and use it too. What are you offering to these new users? Why would these people, who had no interest in your app want to download the app? Maybe they also need rewarding? Rewards can come in a number of different styles, new users may get a time sensitive voucher to use, or a one off discount for new users that also gives the person that recommended them a discount too. Think outside the box if you want to make an app go viral.

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