How to create the perfect app

How to Make Money by Selling Free Apps

how to make money by selling free apps

Apple and Google App Stores are filled to the brim with both free apps and paid apps. With the sharp rise in smartphone users over the years, there’s also an increase in the demand for mobile apps for different mobile systems such as Windows, Blackberry. Mobile app developers, marketers, and publishers alike have seen the immense potential of earning by way of these apps. While it is easy to develop and make money by selling it for $$$, how can a mobile app developer earn by way of selling them for free?

Here is how a mobile app developer can make money from Free Apps.

  1. Develop an app (you can try creating an Android app using App Geyser), then use mobile ad networks like InMobi or AdMob. It is probably one of the best ways to monetize your app. These ad networks offer easy integration with apps, thereby helping you start earning your revenue almost instantly. For more information click here.

The only drawback here is that CPM rates are kind of low. This may put a lot of strain, especially if you are just starting out. However, this still can be improved, as your app’s popularity catches on with users.

  1. You may also employ rich media ad networks like Greystripe to help your app catch and sustain the interest of your users, sometimes even make them return to use your app more often. Because these ads are eye-candy, they automatically attract more viewership and promote higher CPMs.

The only disadvantage here is that they also can put a strain on your app’s resources, both in terms of server space as well as finances.

  1. You may also sign-up for ad exchanges. This can be of immense help to you as it will allow you integrate with several ad networks at one and at the same time. Meaning, you’ll get much higher fill rates as compared to a single ad network.

The drawback I am seeing here is that you, as the developer, would have to spend more time, effort, and resources to optimize your app for several ad networks.  And in the long run,  may lower your net returns.

  1. You may also get sponsorship for your Android mobile app. It is the best way to ensure high returns from your app. Also, creating an app for an advertiser assures smoother and better integration of your app with your sponsoring brand.

The disadvantageI am seeing here is that your app has to be a perfect fit for the brand. For sure, this would mean an expensive affair, and only the biggest publishers can hope to sustain a long-lasting relationship with the sponsoring brand. Hence, this is definitely not for newbies or amateur developers.

Additional Tips:

  1. Offering both free and paid versions of your app can help you maintain the free version without having to worry about ROI. Running a single ad network on the freemium version would mean easy integration without draining a lot of your resources.
  2. You would do better id you offer your potential customer a usable app. Take advantage of smartphone-specific features, such as an accelerometer or its voice calling feature, while creating a high-quality content. This will definitely create a buzz on social media and will hook users on to your app.
  3. Let’s say you are receiving sponsorship for your app, you could try both rich contents as well as mobile device-specific features, so as to offer the good user or customer experience.
  4. It would pay to list all your options and understand the benefits as well as the disadvantages of each one of them before actually putting one of them into practice. This would save you a lot of extra effort and also bring in higher ROI in the near future

Create an Android App in Minutes With AppsGeyser

create an android app

APPSGEYSER is Free and Easy-to-Use

AppsGeyser is a free online service that allows you to turn your web content into an Android app.  Cool eh? Anyone can do it, even if you have absolutely no coding knowledge or experience.  With the help of AppsGeyser, Android apps can easily be created in just minutes using a simple two-step process.

Why Is AppsGeyser So Popular?

Android users usually prefer to use an app when searching for info online because of its mobile-friendliness.

A few years ago, it’s quite difficult to develop an Android app from scratch, since it required programming, coding, and app development knowledge.

AppsGeyser has removed these barriers to entry for small business app owners who want to create their own apps and reach those customers who are on the go.

Moreover, is that Appsgeyser comes with built-in monetization, which makes it easier for small business owners to earn money.  You can choose to make a free app and monetize with ads, or opt for a paid app. AppsGeyser offers support to small business users and comes with a free App Gallery.  You can also get download links and QR codes to promote or distribute your app.

How Does AppsGeyser Work?

AppsGeyser is known as an easy to use app maker – and it is.

You start by going to the AppsGeyser website.  Once you are there, you just need to click on the create now button.  This will take you to step one in the process.


There are actually different options to choose from to create your app.  You can either enter a URL, create your own chat app, a browser, a blog, a news app, and much more. You may also insert an HTML code or create an app from a Youtube channel.

Whatever app you decides on to make, Appsgeyser will walk you through the whole setup process until your app is done and created.

Next, you’ll get to a page where you’ll need to fill out all your details such as your email address, and password to create your Appsgeyser account.  Once you fill in all your information, you can hit the “Sign-Up” button.


Once everything is in place, the last thing you’ll need to do is download the .apk file from the AppsGeyser’s website.

You can then test out your app and make the necessary changes if required.  You can edit your app by logging into your AppsGeyser Dashboard, and once you’re happy with your app, you can publish it, or keep it for personal use.

But, How Can You Make Money Your Appsgeyser Android App?

You can definitely make money with your app using AppsGeyser.  You can opt to sell it as a paid app, or make it as a free app supported by advertisements. If you choose to monetize your app with ads, you can use AdMob, Interactive, or any another ad network that you like.

AppsGeyser Revenue Program

AppsGeyser also offers a revenue program that anyone can participate in.  Your app just needs to have at least 100 installs.  If your app has less than 100 installs, it won’t get any banner space and there are no ads within your app.

Once you reached the required usage, the ad space is shared 50/50.  Your ad is displayed half of the time, while AppsGeyser shows its own ads 50% of the time.

To apply for the revenue program, simply register with an Ad Network of your choice, then go to your AppsGeyser Dashboard and enter all the information under the monetize tab. If your app is qualified, your ads will start showing immediately.  If not, then you will need to more downloads or find ways to get a larger following in the Google Play Store.

How to Get Your App Noticed

There are many ways to get your Appgeyser’s app noticed after you create it.

First, you’ll most likely want to publish it to the Android Market.  Bear in mind that Google charges a $25 publisher’s fee.  It’s just a small investment you know. With just a small fee, your app might reach millions of users with Android phones.

AppsGeyser also provides its users with a gallery where you can promote your app instantly for free.  You can get more details here.

Thirdly, you can promote your Android app via your blog and social media.  AppsGeyser provides two URLs that you can use to promote and distribute your app.

Finally, you can also use a QR code supplied by AppsGeyser.  The QR code takes people directly to your app’s download page where they can install the app.

As you can see, AppsGeyser really helps its users in promoting and distributing apps.


AppsGeyser is not a platform that will help you to create the next Angry Birds, but it is still a great way to create and distribute simple Android apps based on existing content. It can help small business owners reach more customers because finally it can be done in an affordable and simple way (again, no coding required).

Moreover, if your app becomes popular, AppsGeyser is a great way to earn extra revenue using mobile ads.  Its built-in monetization is a great perk.  Since you share the ad space 50/50, you can also use your portion to promote your other Android apps or services.


Build an App and Make Money Online

build an app and make money online

I’ve talked a lot about building your app here on this blog. It is something that I am super passionate about and something that can you in your overall business growth as a developer in today’s marketplace.

However, building an app, introducing it and marketing it to the online World to gain the attention you need is only the beginning. A few years ago, you need to have coding skills before you can make an app. Not anymore, you can now easily create an Android app online with the help of app makers like Appsgeyser. So basically, what you need to do is to carefully think of your niche or the type of app you want to build because selling it is not an easy task, nor is it something that can happen overnight.

But with hard work and smart ASO strategies, you can begin to create your personal brand that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Creating an Android app taught me a lot of things. I have learned a few tricks on how to somehow optimize it, earn from it, and so much more.

This article can serve as your guide to “building an app” and “making money online.” It’s actually intended to those developers and to those entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves and of course, earn money from their apps. Here, you will learn how to combine strategic advertising, social media secrets,  and  of course branding – to create your own personal empire which will bring you passive income and makes you a star developer.

OK, So let’s do this!

Discover how quick and easy it is to build an app and earn from it.

Create an App

  1. Go to Appsgeyser first to create an app. Choose your app format. You may choose any format of apps – it can be a media app, a business app, a browser app, a store app, a taxi app, a chat app, a mobile website, and so much more.


  1. We are choosing a website for this example. After choosing a website, you need to enter the website address as shown in the image.


Step 3: Give app name like Skate Shoes PH Mobile App.


Step 4: Enter your app’s description and features of your app in given area. In the description, you may provide your website link and/or your legal information.


Step 5: You may upload your icon or choose default apps geyser icon.


Step 6: Click on the mobile icon to see your app’s preview. If you forgot anything, you may edit it and click on refresh preview.

Step 7: Finally click on Create App. Now your app is ready to publish.

Now your Android app is ready. Scan QR code by your mobile and install the app.  Appsgeyser also offers monetization of your app in 50:50 ratios. Remember: If you made any mistake in creating your app, you can easily edit app again. You may also publish your app to different app stores.

Monetize your App

Below are the steps to earn income using your app, also known as “monetizing.”

  1. You can sell your App created on AppsGeyser platform. Use Android Market (Google Play) to drive sales.

Tip: Create 2 versions of your App: an ad-supported and ad-free. Sell your ad-free App and use ad-supported App to encourage your users to buy the ad-free version of your App.

  1. AppsGeyser is a platform that can also help you monetize your App. It rewards Publishers for quality Apps created on the platform. They pay you money for valuable and popular Apps you create.

Here’s how it works

Every App created using the platform has a banner space that runs ads. Once your App reaches the minimum usage requirement, this advertising space will be shared with you. You can place a code from the Ad Network of your choosing and earn 100% of the revenue generated or you may place your own banners to promote your other Apps.

Note: For those apps with less than 1000 installs, there will be no banner space available and no ads will be displayed. Space is shared 50/50, i.e. half the time your banner will be showed, another half will be occupied with AppsGeyser ad.

How to apply

  • Register at any Ad Network, set up your banner, then the code.
  • Go to AppsGeyser Dashboard, then open the Monetize tab and click Apply. Place your banner code on the next step.
  • If your Android App qualifies, your banner ads will start rotating. If your App does not qualify, you need to optimize your app, make some necessary changes, build your audience for it to gain more traffic and downloads. Once your app meets requirements, your ads will start showing.

Making money with apps is indeed possible. You just need to understand how branding, app making, advertising, and social media  come together to make your app an internet sensation.

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