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It it hard to make $500 a month?

I stumbled upon many questions on Quora: Is it hard to build an app and earn money from it at least $500 a month?

There were answers saying “it’s easy”, but they are justifying it with wishful thinking.

These responses are misleading.

Yeah, we can’t just blame these respondents because they just answered the question the way it was asked.

The question really requires an answer that will tell how probable it is to earn money by building an app, not how hard. There’s a huge difference.

A few years ago, in the early days of mobile app development I created a trivia app through AppsGeyser. For more than 3 years I made thousands dollars from it.

Was it difficult? Not really. It took me weeks of conceptualization, creating assets, and just a day to build and upload it on Google Playstore. How? With the help of Appsgeyser – a mobile app creation platform that allows novice users to create an app without coding on a fly! Check it out here:

My trivia app was simplistic, my app marketing skills is limited to relying on AppsGeyser’s monetization feature which handled the monetization of my app.

Nothing I did was hard. However, my app marketing success was not very probable.

I created one of the first trivias on the app store. Things were different in 2011. Now, almost everyone I know jumps on building apps bandwagons! Back then, I had less competition from known trivia app publishers. And yeah, competition arrived after a year or so, and it had a negative effect on my sales.


Your Timing Matters

Publishing your app on the app store at the right time is not easy or hard at all. More likely, you’ll get the timing right. In my case, I didn’t create my trivia app because I thought it’s the best time to do it to earn money. I was just excited about AppsGeyser, and wanted to create an app for it and a Trivia seemed like a good choice.



Another way to take into consideration is repeatability. The success of my trivia app was not lost on me. If I could replicate it a couple of times, I would earn more with little effort.

What I did is create more trivia apps for Google Play. I used different themes and consider what’s hype at that moment. I created Xmas inspired trivia apps, basketball trivia, and many more. They took a bit longer to create through AppsGeysers, but still easy  – thanks to the platform’s easy to use interface.

I assume that my ASO and app marketing skills were at least as good as before. And yet, some of the trivia apps were all failures.

My first trivia app was a success but it wasn’t easily repeatable.

Why? Competition! ASO is different back then as well. Now, you can’t spam your app title with keywords and most app marketers these days know the basics of ASO. Before, only a few knows how to ASO.

A lot of people who answered that Quora question did build successful apps making $500 or more a month. Does this mean that their skills and experience are good enough to say that achieving the goal is quite easy?

The answer is NO. And just like me, they had only one or 2 successful apps. If it’s really easy, then why don’t they re-invest in developing more apps. Let’s say you have 100 apps each making $500 per month, you’ll make thousands if not millions a year.

The answers are bias in my opinion. Yeah, they are just trying to be helpful and encouraging at the same time. But the one who asked won’t be able to get the complete picture because he does not hear from those people who are not on Quora who tried and failed.

The successes in app marketing might have been easy, but they were not likely.


So what to do? Just Do It!

Building an app allows you to earn money but it is something with low probability of success. It relies on your effort, ASO skills, app marketing skills, and  perseverance. Just do it! You’ll fail or succeed but you’ll never know it until you’ve tried. Don’t spend your time calculating your chances of succeeding. Actually, it just decreases your probability simply because it takes away your time and energy from the thing thats matter most.

My app success might have been Luck or Accidental. But then again, it wouldn’t have happen if I did not create an app through AppsGeyser.

If your mobile app fails, either make a new one or improve it. Try and try until you succeed!

When you start getting downloads, revenue, sales – double down. The unassailable logic of app marketing is that it’s easier to make a successful app even more successful than to create another app that is just as successful.


Develop Apps Using AppsGeyser and Earn Money!

In this digital era, mobile app development continues to become more profitable over the years. With the emergence of different mobile platforms along with the concept of multi-platform formatting of mobile apps, thia field seems to be a veritable money-trove for app marketers to earn a decent amount of money every month, by way of creating apps through AppsGeyser.


Is it Profitable to Develop an App Through AppsGeyser?

In this post, we’ll discuss different ways that you can use to earn money through AppsGeyser.

Create a “Paid” as well as “Free” versions of your apps.

It’s a good idea to create a paid version of your app without ads or comes with exclusive content that are not available in the free version. Just a tip, When updating your apps, always update the paid version first.


The key here is to attract your users using the free version then get them hooked, so they’ll end up purchasing the paid version. You can get them in the door by either rewarding them with new features, new levels, or new maps.

The most common approach is a free version with ads, and you offer a paid version without the ads. But then again, advanced users are used to seeing ads so this may not be enough, if you want to earn more incentives from your apps.

By the way, creating apps through AppsGeyser is easy as 1,2,3. All you got to do is go to the website:

Then, you need to register (you can sign-up using your Facebook or Google profiles now)

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Upon successful registration, you can now login to your profile then click create an app.
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There are many app templates to choose from, choose the one that best suits your needs.

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AppsGeyser will walk-through you the whole process until you get a fully working app. It will even provide you with an apk version of your app that you can download into your mobile phone for testing purposes. Once, you’re fully satisfied with it, you can upload it to Google PlayStore!

Remember, to succeed in this business, you must provide high quality content. The least you can do is use something that cannot be find elsewhere. Another good strategy is to create multiple apps. The more the merrier right? By taking advantage of AppsGeyser’s free mobile app creation platform, you can amplify your success by creating more apps. The more apps you make, you’ll learn more, earn more, and hopefully one of them will be successful.

Reminder: Never spam Google Playstore or iTunes with quick apps. They are already spammed with apps and it is worth exerting an effort into your apps so you’ll stand out from the competition. Make sure that your apps are updated by fixing bug fixes, removing old content, and adding new features when needed or necessary.  


About AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is a mobile app creation platform that allows us to turn our ideas into a mobile app. With its easy to use user interface, anyone even without tech skills can build his or her own apps on a fly. You’ll get a stand-alone Android app that follows Google’s design guidelines that you can upload instantly.

4 reasons Why Users Uninstall Your Android App

uninstall android apps Google Search

In recent times, many mobile apps have started to annoy people more, either because of poor functions or because of poor user retention strategies. It is important for mobile app developers to realize that their apps should be adding convenience to people’s lives rather than irritating them, which would eventually cause them to uninstall the app.

After all, apps are meant to make a user’s life easy on the go, and any apps that annoy users defeat the very purpose of their existence.

Here are a few things that most mobile app developers need to consider and reevaluate:


  1. Focus On Proper Updates To The User

Most mobile apps these days have started to cheat on the concept of push notifications. They send useless, unnecessary updates via push notifications, which only annoy the user with extra noise, and don’t serve the purpose of alerting the user for good purposes.

This needs to be checked on, and the user should receive updates or notifications that truly attract him to using the app. Moreover, these updates need to be timed well.


  1. Focus On Creating Value

Value creation and quality of the app are important factors that determine user retention. There is no point in creating apps that don’t add any value, ease or comfort to a user’s life. Mobile app developers must constantly keep a check on market trends, and should understand what the user demands are.


  1. Use Analytics

User behavior, patterns and preferences need to be well understood by mobile app developers if they want users to continue using their app. It’s important to adapt to what the users like. Some analytics tools also help app developers to understand whether push notifications are working well or not.

Overall, this kind of information is important to constantly upgrading and improving the app, so that users feel like using it more.


  1. Don’t Be Pushy

Mobile app developers need to understand in general that they can’t be pushy with their users. If a user has downloaded an app, he/she will use it as per his convenience and pace.

Forcing or pushing the user to use the app more than they’d like to can cause them to get irritated and annoyed. Needless to say, when the app is not keeping the user happy, they will delete it.

It’s high time that mobile app developers reevaluate the techniques with which they want to hold their users. Otherwise, there would be no point in developing apps in the first place. If developers don’t improve design, functionality and other things related to the app as per the users demands, then they would face issues in retaining them.

In recent times, it has been noticed that users uninstall apps very quickly if they don’t find them to be good enough. And considering that the market has a lot of competition these days, if one mobile app developer doesn’t do a good job, somebody else will do it and will gain the users in that process.

So it’s essential for all mobile app developers to understand these market games as well.