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The Ultimate Android App Marketing Strategy – Part One: Online Marketing

September 17th, 2014

Yesterday I introduced you to the ultimate guide to Android app marketing and I thank you all for the wonderful response that I received. As promised I will be taking you through the steps stage by stage in the coming days and weeks. Please remember that this guide, although this is the ultimate guide to Android app marketing, it does not have to be followed in the same order as I have collated the information.

Today I am going to take a look at the importance of online marketing and how you can get yourself into a strong position even prior to app launch. Online marketing is a wide topic, it not only covers the social media side of marketing, such as having a strong Facebook Page and active Twitter account, it also covers web presence, including blogging, online reviews and so forth.

Android App Marketing

Android App Marketing is vital for success – image via geekszine

Social Media

People just love to talk and to get to know the person that is behind a business, if a business has no personality in today’s market, then your business will fail. Many popular brands have fantastic social media sites, they post links for information but more importantly they interact with their users on a personal level in real time.

Facebook remains the most popular of all social media tools, this is due to the visual content and the ease of use. Many business owners will already have their own Facebook profiles so will feel comfortable in the Facebook sphere, Twitter, is another closer runner. The real-time conversations and the ease to create new contacts via Twitter has helped this social media tool rise to the top.

The importance of using social media as an Android app marketing tool is to help you to get to know your audience and to get to know more about people within the same industry as you. Learn who is an industry influencer and who has content that you can learn from, who will share your content and who will engage with the brand.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter you may also build a presence on Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram or Vine can make sense too.

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The Ultimate Android App Marketing Strategy

September 15th, 2014

If you have tried launching your app unsuccessfully in the past and have come back to make a last ditch attempt to make a go of your Android app business you need to stop and take this post seriously. The success of your app business all rests of the success of your Android app marketing strategy.

 Android app marketing

Successful Android app marketing makes choosing in the market easier

We have often spoken about marketing and gone into detail over one point or another, but today I have decided to give you a complete run down of the important steps that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Do not use this guide as a step-by-step guide, the order in which you focus upon these marketing steps is not important, it is important that you do focus upon each and every step.

The Android App Marketing Strategy

  1. Online Marketing – Have you built yourself an online presence before you launched the app?
  2. Researched your app idea – What research have you done to make sure the idea you are turning into an app is really something that people want.
  3. App Store optimization – make sure your app has been fully optimized for the Android app store
  4. Cost of your app – Are you going to charge per download or give your app away for free?
  5. Naming your app – Did you research the keywords that are going to go into your name?
  6. Film it – Have you made a youtube channel for your app so people can see your app in progress?
  7. Internal marketing – Have you got any internal marketing integrated within your app?
  8. Monetizing your app – Have you working out your monetization plan?
  9. Reviews – Have you begun to submit your app onto online review sites?
  10. Engage with your audience – Make sure you communicate with your Android app users by sending them push notifications

The list may seem to be long and pretty scary at the first glance, over the next few weeks I will be going through each section with you and you will quickly see that many of these steps are simple to do and therefore are often forgotten….

Come back tomorrow for more information on our ultimate Android app marketing strategy

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