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Branding – The Magical Ingredient to Android App Success

AppsGeyser has helped thousands of people create Android apps for various reasons. Some people want to create apps for their existing business, others as a way to start their very own app business. But what AppsGeyser does not provide app makers with is instant Android app success. To be a successful app maker, you need to understand the market and how to connect with your audience. Whatever your reason is behind creating an app, in order to succeed you need to ensure that you include that one vital ingredient — the one ingredient that will bring all your ideas together. Branding.

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The consistency of your branding style needs to be solid if you want to build a solid audience across all aspects of your business. Brand consistency will bring a unified identity to your business, and it is through this identity that your business will become visually recognizable to your audience regardless of which medium they are connecting to you from, be it via your apps, your existing business website, or your social media pages. Your brand style will have an impact on your audience community.

Brand identification is paramount within your marketing strategy. It is this vital ingredient that will unite all the different aspects of your business together, under one umbrella. It is the united branding that will capture the attention of your audience, and build loyalty and a sense of security and trust. It will also enable you to create relationships, which is paramount for any business to succeed, and especially so for Android app success.

The way in which businesses succeed in the long term has changed in recent times. No longer is marketing a business by creating a brand name, identity and tagline enough. Rebranding and changing the face of a business to attract new users is no longer enough to induce long term loyalty. Branding is not a simple sales tool, but it is the key to building relationships — relationships that will begin after the initial deal has been clinched.

What we have learned is that brand awareness will help a business get into the consideration stage of a buyers journey, but it will not necessarily clinch a deal. What will turn your brand into the brand that people will choose and stay loyal to is your ability to provide the H2H (Human-to-Human) element. Your brand style must include the way you interact with your internal staff and your audience. Emotion and relationship building can no longer be removed from the sales and branding cycle.

How does your app fit in with your business brand? Have you been able to bring together all aspects of your business? Time to consider your public face before you move forward.

Amazon Android App Store – Distribution Guide

AppsGeyser is the number one free Android app template provider covering all of your app making needs. The AppsGeyser program has been created with top-rated templates that will simplify the app making process. In fact, app makers with no technical expertise are able to create complete app networks within a few clicks.  AppsGeyser offers templates ranging from gaming templates, to more creative image templates, and templates that can be self-coded too. But app making is only one part of the process. If an app is not distributed effectively, then there will be no app career. This is where the ease of AppsGeyser’s Android app distribution comes in.

AppsGeyser believes that all apps should be distributed to a variety of Android app networks, and not limited to GooglePlay.  Android app distribution through different means will enhance your chance, as an app maker, to find app success. Each Android app store has its own unique audience, and by limiting yourself to just one app store, you will be limiting your potential audience reach.

Amazon Android app store is often overlooked. The reason that this app store has been previously overlooked was due to the high distribution fees that it once charged. These fees are no longer applicable. You can now load your app into Amazon Android app store for free.

Android app distribution

Android app distribution – Amazon app store

Amazon Android App store has been dramatically simplified to fit with the current market. Once you have tested your app on your own device, and have given your app to your colleagues/friends for their opinions, and feel that the app is ready to release, you can then prepare to open your very own Amazon app developer account.

Before you get started make sure you have the following:

1: Your AppsGeyser APK saved to your device

2: Screenshots and icons saved to your device –

  • Small icon (required): A representative icon for display within the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal. The PNG file should be 114px × 114px with a transparent background.
  • Large icon (required): This image is scaled and used extensively throughout the Amazon Appstore and on Amazon devices, so it should be of the highest possible quality. The PNG file should be 512px × 512px with a transparent background.
  • Screenshots (required): A minimum of three and a maximum of 10 app screenshots for use on Amazon product detail pages. These must be PNG or JPEG files, landscape or portrait mode. Depending on the devices you are targeting, allowable image sizes are:
    • 800px   × 480px
    • 1024px × 600px
    • 1280px × 720px
    • 1280px × 800px
    • 1920px × 1200px
    • 2560px × 1600px

3: App name and description ready to copy and paste into Amazon.

For full distribution advice simply follow the easy steps here.

Android app distribution to app stores, such as Amazon Appstore, has never been more simple. Time for you to create your app empire and begin to distribute your app today.

Downloading Your AppsGeyser Android App

The time will come will come when you have finally finished  creating an app,  and you will want to see it in action. The first thing you need to do is to download your AppsGeyser Android app to your own device so you can see how it works. The reason we suggest that you download the app to your own device prior to uploading it to an app store is so you can test the app.


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Android app marketing – Utilizing your QR code


Scan your app

The easiest way to get your app onto your device without adding it to an app store is to scan the QR code into your device. This is very simple to do. Download a simple QR reader app onto your device and start scanning.

The QR code is very similar to the bar-code that you will see printed on all in-store products. This technology provides us with information about the product. Information stored on barcodes usually includes the price of an item, how many products are available in the store, where the product comes from and so forth. The AppsGeyser QR code is not much different. Our QR code contains all the coding and data that needs to be transferred to your app. By scanning the code onto your mobile device, you will gain instant access to your app.



The folder in which the files and coding for your app is saved in is called an APK. This actually means ‘Android application package’. You will need to download your APK onto your desktop. It is important that you remember where you saved it to, because you will need to upload this to the app store of your choice.

If you want to learn more about uploading your APK, watch this tutorial on our Appacademy page.