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Can you use Twitter To Market Your Free Android App?

April 21st, 2014

We are continuing with our marketing theme, after all, we understand that there is no point in giving you the free Android app making tools if you do not have the budget or knowledge to market the app successfully. We continue to talk about the value of Facebook, the social media tool that is popular and so easy to use, we have briefly touched on Google+ but we haven’t really explained much about Twitter. Today we are going to learn how to use Twitter to market your free Android app successfully.

Market Your Free Android App

Market Your Free Android App With Twitter

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a platform that many people start using for social media marketing in an excited manner, but unfortunately they quickly lose their momentum, this is because it is a platform that takes a little bit more work to get going with and once it’s understood will be your audience magnet.

Twitter is the platform for real time marketing; no other platform is as interactive. Twitter is what is known in the industry as a short message communication tool. It allows you to compile short messages of 140 characters that are shown on the feed of all your subscribers, otherwise known as followers.

Twitter is not as basic as it seems, although it may appear to limit you to only 140 characters, it also allows you to include links to any other web content that may be relevant to your tweet, such as your blog, your company website, a photo or even video. It is the ability to add external content that extends the use of Twitter from these short concise messages (Tweets).

This social media platform allows you to gain an audience through subscription, people subscribe to your account, in order to read what you have to say they have to subscribe to you, the other way people will get to know you is by reading your tweets with people you are subscribed to. Once someone is subscribed to your twitter account they have the ability to read all tweets that you send and they can reply to you and send you private tweets, called DM or direct messages and they can share their tweets with your followers through retweeting.

Why is Twitter different from other social media platforms?

Twitter is a microblogging tool because it allows you to send short and concise messages in real-time, a little like the platform Tumblr. Twitter is similar to other popular social media tools but there is something unique in Twitter that the other platforms do not have:

Facebook -  Twitter and Facebook both let you update your status, however, not everyone sees your status update on Facebook because Facebook filters feeds, in Twitter everyone sees your posts.

Pinterest – This is a great platform to share your images but a difficult platform to engage in conversation. An image that is posted on Twitter can bring with in a wealth of conversation.

Linkedin – Another platform that allows you to update your status as frequently as you like, however, Linkedin is very business-like. People send requests to link to people that they are connected with in the outside world unlike Twitter that allows to you follow anyone regardless of if you have an external connection with them.

Google+ – This platform in some senses is the most similar to twitter as once again you can send status updates and you can organize your connections into circles/groups. Google+ is not as interactive and as fast as twitter conversations are.

YouTube: Youtube is a fantastic platform to share visuals but not a good platform for communications. This platform works well in conjunction with Twitter.

Today we have looked at the uniqueness of Twitter and why you would consider using this platform as part of your social media marketing. It is important to market your free Android app using as many free techniques as possible. Tomorrow we are going to look how Twitter can help you brand your product.

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AppsGeyser Android App Making Platform Needs Your Help

April 18th, 2014

That is right, we need your help


AppsGeyser is an international Android app making platform that is helping people build Android apps from all over the world.

We are looking to translate our Android app making platform into as many languages as possible and we need your help.

If you would like to see AppsGeyser in your native language, please send me an email with the title: I want to help translate.

In the email please let me know which languages you are able to help us with and I will email you with the details.

Many thanks to everyone that is willing to help us make our Android app making platform better for you all


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