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3 Reasons Why you Should Use Google+ To Market Your Free Android App

April 16th, 2014

When you think about how to market your free Android app you may instantly begin to question the use of social media. Social media is a marketer’s dream product for helping to get your message out there quickly and effectively. However, many people are still not convinced of the uses of Google+ and are missing this social media tool.

market your free android app

Market your free Android app with Google+

Today we are boycotting Facebook and Twitter and we are going to explain to you, in three simple steps why your should consider using Google+ in your social marketing plan

Why should I use Google+?

1: It is Google – That’s right, although Facebook and Twitter may be more interactive, Google is still the most widely used website in the world with over 1 billion monthly users, and your activity on Google+ will mean that you are more likely to be picked up on Google organic searches.

2: Social Search – Google+ is connected with the many Google online products, such as youtube, mail, Reader, this means that anything on these pages can easily be shared on Google+ , enhancing the chances of your business being spotted organically and getting that all important “+1”.

3: Open to all – Google is used by everyone, you do not have to sign in to your Facebook page to like a product or service, it can be viewed anywhere on the web, bringing you an audience that you may not have even been looking for.

You can upload new posts to your Google+ page via your Hootsuite account meaning you don’t have to keep logging into different places to create posts. When you check your emails, you will be able to see any new reports on your page and you can respond accordingly. No more excuses, if you want to effectively market your free android app, it is time you get on Google+

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Market Your Free Android App – Changes in FaceBook Reach

April 14th, 2014

We believe in free marketing for the free android app template that AppsGeyser has offered you. For those that read our blog frequently will know how much a fan of social media marketing I am. I love social media and social media will soon become your best friend when you begin to market your free Android app.

Facebook pages for businesses are a great way to grow your app audience; it’s a way to let people in on the personal side of your business. In recent months people have been complaining that their viewing numbers have reduced significantly and this is because once again Facebook has changed the way organic posts are viewed.


market your free Android app

market your free Android app with Facebook fan page

In December 2013, Facebook announced that there would once again be a change in the way its newsfeed would work, many marketers, page users, brands and even celebrities made complaints as they felt this, once again, would reduce their organic reach. The sad truth is, organic reach has now reduced to just 1-2%, but is this as a result of those changes of was this an issue before?

There is reason to believe that the more popular pages have become the harder it is to keep feeds clear, therefore Facebook had already begun to reduce the number of posts seen in feeds. It makes sense that with so many pages liked and so many friends, if all these posts were showing on your newsfeed it’d be a huge mess. So what now?

In order to ensure that a company that you want to keep in touch with is showing in your feed, or to ensure that your company is showing in your users feeds you need to ensure the following:

1: Keep users active –  if a user is active with your page they will continue to see your content. You can do this by encouraging comments and encouraging posts.

This is your key to engagement:

  • Click Like on your post
  • Comment on your post
  • Share your post with friends
  • Click link within your post

2: Post text only statuses – Text only status have a higher chance of showing in your audience’s feed than statuses. Of course it would be boring to only have text only statuses, just ensure that you post text only between your other informative posts.


In order to ensure Android app success you need to market your free Android app successfully. We encourage you to use the free tools that are available and effective to aide your successs rate.

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