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How to create the perfect app

Downloading Your AppsGeyser Android App

The time will come will come when you have finally finished  creating an app,  and you will want to see it in action. The first thing you need to do is to download your AppsGeyser Android app to your own device so you can see how it works. The reason we suggest that you download the app to your own device prior to uploading it to an app store is so you can test the app.


android app marketing

Android app marketing – Utilizing your QR code


Scan your app

The easiest way to get your app onto your device without adding it to an app store is to scan the QR code into your device. This is very simple to do. Download a simple QR reader app onto your device and start scanning.

The QR code is very similar to the bar-code that you will see printed on all in-store products. This technology provides us with information about the product. Information stored on barcodes usually includes the price of an item, how many products are available in the store, where the product comes from and so forth. The AppsGeyser QR code is not much different. Our QR code contains all the coding and data that needs to be transferred to your app. By scanning the code onto your mobile device, you will gain instant access to your app.



The folder in which the files and coding for your app is saved in is called an APK. This actually means ‘Android application package’. You will need to download your APK onto your desktop. It is important that you remember where you saved it to, because you will need to upload this to the app store of your choice.

If you want to learn more about uploading your APK, watch this tutorial on our Appacademy page.




Create a Social Media Styled App with the New Social App Template from AppsGeyser

Using social networks for business marketing has certainly helped many smaller businesses get off the ground for little to no cost at all. AppsGeyser has frequently explained the benefits of social media marketing to app makers, and now we have created a brand new template to bring together all your social media efforts into one single app. We are pleased to announce the creation of the Social app template.

Social media is the perfect platform for businesses to connect, and to share industry related information. The surge in social media usage has changed the way in which businesses and consumers interact, and there is a much stronger requirement for engagement. A simple sale is no longer sufficient to maintain loyal consumers. You need to now go that next step, and keep them engaged. The best way to do that, is to create an app collating all your social media in once place with the new Social app template.


How to create an app using the free social app making template:

To make a free social app with our AppsGeyser template, all you need to do is choose which social networks you want to connect to, and have the URL links available. The app creation process will take you less than five minutes.

Before you start make sure you have:

1: The URL to all the relevant social pages: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. (Remember to add your Facebook fan-page and not your private profile. The app will not work on a personal profile page, but only on a fan page.)

2: App name

3: App description

4: Image for app logo

Let’s begin.

1: Click on CREATE NOW.

android app game template

2: Choose the Social template option .

Create a social app

3: Insert the link to your Facebook fan page, YouTube channel and Twitter account.

Facebook app template

Copy the URL link from your Facebook fan page into the Facebook app template.

4: Choose your app name and complete the description.

Insert the name, description and icon for your app

Insert the name, description and icon for your app


5: Click CREATE APP and you are ready to go.

6: If you wish to make changes, click on EDIT.

Click on edit to make any advanced edits

Click on edit to make any advanced edits

Android app templates simplify app making, and give you the ideal opportunity to create an Android app business. Try creating a range of apps for your business using different AppsGeyser Android app making tool templates. Don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook page to tell us how your app making is going.

New Content for Your Android App – Video Tutorial

When it comes to creating an app you need to think outside the box. AppsGeyser is happy to help you by providing free-to-use templates. Now all you need is new content for your Android app.

It is time to focus upon creating content from scratch, and not relying on something that pre-exists on the net. You want to be creating content that is unique, and relevant to your business and business sector.

So many app makers believe that it is valid to just take relevant content from the net. This is wrong. You need new content for your Android app. If you use someone else’s content you are at risk of: firstly, getting rejected from GooglePlay, and secondly and what is most important and long lasting, creating a bad reputation for your business.

create an Android app

Create an Android app and hire a content writer

Your main business goal is to build a loyal fan-base, and this will not occur if you are stealing content.  Ask yourself why you are building an app? Is it just for personal use? Or are you looking to build an audience? If you are creating your own Android app in order to build a following of people that will trust your abilities, then you need to provide them with content that shows how reliable you are. Would you be loyal to a person that simply copies content from someone else? I can not emphasize enough that you need to be creating ‘YOUR OWN’ content.  YOUR OWN ORIGINAL CONTENT.

Remember, it is NOT acceptable to find online content and use it as your own work.

AppsGeyser has created a video that is live on our app academy. This video is only one minute long, and in that time you will learn that creating content from scratch is not that difficult.

It is time to show the world that you are original. Prove to the world that your brand is one that can be trusted, and one that can be turned to for relevant and updated sector news.

In addition to building loyalty with your audience, you will be building loyalty with search engines, because original content increases your ranking in search engines too. Google has a way of finding duplicate content, and punishes pages by reducing their place in search results.

Remember: Copying other people’s content may result in your Android app receiving a severe punishment from Google, meaning your app can be removed without warning.

Learn how to create content with AppsGeyser

Don’t forget to visit the AppsGeyser Academy for more short and simple tutorials.