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Example of How You Can Make An Android App Empire

July 28th, 2014
Example of How You Can Make An Android App Empire

Choose the right templates for your Android app empire

I am aware that many of you are now old hands at Android app making and have learnt that in order to survive in the cut-throat app industry you need to develop more than one app and indeed need to make an Android app empire. In my last post I described why you need to make an Android app empire, these reasons included the need to build trust in your app users, create an Android app brand and bring some loyalty to your brand.

Today I can going to show you how easy it is to make an Android app empire by taking a simple idea and using different template styles to turn this idea into multiple apps that will each be focused at attracting different audience styles.

I am going to take the subject of new born babies as my idea for my app portfolio, you will see that with this one subject I am able to make several different styled apps that will capture different audience types, some that may be new parents looking for advice and others that may just love all things cute and baby!

What apps can I make?

AppsGeyser has a over 50 different app templates styles that you can use to make an Android app empire, these app templates can be used for different reasons, for the audience that likes anything about babies, or the audience that is looking for educational apps.

1: Browser app

This app template is a wonderful tool for those wanting to build a large educational app without having to create a lot of new content. The Browser app tool allows you to navigate various web resources from within the app. We can find a range of baby related websites that we like best that we can link to our app. Always make sure that you check all copyrights and have permission to use these sites before you do this.

2: RSS app

The RSS app tool gives you the ability to create a pre-set search for real time news on a chosen topic, we are going to set our app search to new born baby advice. If you don’t want a range of different sites appearing, you can also link to a RSS feed from a chosen website instead of creating a general search.

3: YouTube video app

This template is one that have numerous uses, it can be used for educational purposes, for example, teaching someone about the stages of development in a newborn, or it can be used to show funny baby related videos. We love using this tool for both reasons therefore this template can actually build you two different apps.

4: Website app

Welcome to our most popular app tool of all times. This app is to be sued to link to your own personal website that has been optimized for mobile use . This app template can be used for more than one reason, you can use it to create links to your website, your blog, or even your social networks, that is already 3 different apps that you can create from one template alone.

5: Zip Archive  app

Why don’t you create an off line app? You can write your own files and upload them using the zip archive  app. Create what you wish, funny jokes, baby facts and so forth. This app style is for those that want to test their technical expertise

Creating an app from scratch and creating an Android app empire for your chosen subject can be done in a few minutes. What you need to do is take a look at the range of templates and decide what apps you want to create and then set to work. Follow the steps in our create an app from scratch series and follow the path to app success and soon you will be on your way to your own Android app business success.

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5 Reasons To Make An Android App Empire

July 25th, 2014

You may have only just decided that you want to make an Android app and now you are being told that it is time for you to make an Android app empire? What are we talking about, what is an Android app empire and why is making one so import?

android app building template tools

android app building template tools

An Android app empire is a series of apps created by you that will all appear on your app download page within the app store of your choice. When a potential app user comes to your app they will see your full range of apps and this can lead to your app success. Today we are going to look at the reasons as to why it is important to make an Android app empire and not just an Android app.

1: Trust – Let us face the truth, if you have one app available in the app market you will look like the loner of the app world that has no friends to play with. Who is going to trust that first time app maker with their time and effort to download, install and test out your app? The likelihood is that no one will want to test your app because you don’t look like a professional.

2: Brand – Building an empire will build brand awareness and people will begin to download your apps because they have heard of you and your brand. This branding will work both within the app market and outside of the app market with your other business ventures. Branding is a big deal for any successful business

3: Loyalty – Once people like you, they will trust you and be loyal to you. If they are looking for something that is relevant to your brand they will come to your first to look for what they need as they know and trust you and are loyal to you.

4: Growth – If you want your business to grow then you have no other choice but to make an Android app empire because the reasons above will help your audience size grow at a faster rate than any other form of marketing. Your loyal audience will return, will download other apps and will be recommending you to their friends and family. There is no better audience than a loyal audience for growing a business.

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