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Making an App: 6 Questions You Should Answer Before Getting Started

October 16th, 2014
make an Android app

make an Android app with the right keyword

Making an app is a fun and exciting task, people want to make apps for different reasons but often aren’t ready to make an app successfully. In order to make an app successfully you need to answer the following 6 questions before you get started on your app making career.

1: Why are you making an app? As a business tool or as a new business?

There are two different reasons people use AppsGeyser. The first is to make an app for a business that they already have which they want to turn mobile. The second reason people choose to make an app is to start an app making business


2: Is your app audience Android or iOS based?

Think about the type of people that will be downloading your app and what devices they are likely to be using in order to know if it is worthwhile building an Android app or an iOS app.


3: Should you charge a download fee?

This is a concept that we have spoken about on a number of occasions. There are different reasons as to why we feel that an app should be freely available to download for no cost but you need to make your own decision on this aspect of your app making


4: What template style should you use?

How well do you know your app audience? You need to understand the style that will best grab the attention of your audience. It may be worth your while trying out a number of the free template styles before deciding upon the template style for your main app.


5: Can you make the app yourself?

AppsGeyser templates are very simple to use, but even so you may wish to use a third party to create an app for you. Is it financially viable for you to hire an app maker or should you use a free template to get started and then once your business is thriving move on to a more sophisticated app.


6. Should you create one app or an app network?


In order to make a big impact on the app world we suggest that you focus your attention on building a number of small apps before you embrace your main app. The reason we suggest building an app network is to help you learn from your app making experiences, learn your audience requirements and also build your audience loyalty.

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If you’re interested in making your own Android apps, start creating apps here.

New Template – Free Messenger Android App

October 15th, 2014

we have finally done it, we have released the most requested template ever, the free messenger Android app template. Forget using Whatsapp and Viber, now you can create a free messenger Android app for your our circle that has been created only for your circle of friends.

free messenger Android app

free messenger Android app

Does Your Business need a messenger app?

Communication is an important tool for the success of any business and is a vital part of life. Technology is constantly evolving and becoming a daily part of our lives providing us with the tools required to ensure communication is flawless. Messenger services such as your own personalised messenger app allows you to communicate effectively with your audience and share information freely.


Why use the free messenger Android app game template?

1: This app is a simple to use communication tool for your business contacts

2: The app style allows you to adapt it to suit your current business branding

3: Can be used as a customer service tool to respond to inquiries

4: Can also be used to communicate business news to your audience


How to create an app using the free messenger Android app game template:

To make a free messenger Android app with our AppsGeyser template all you need is a range of images that you want to include. The app creation process will take you less than five minutes

Before you start:

1: Have your images saved to your computer that you wish to upload, you need images that fit in with your branding style

Let’s begin

1: Click on create an app

android app game  template

2: Choose the free messenger Android app template option from within the web templates

free messenger android app

choose the free messenger android app from the web section

3: Change the color style to suit your branding

free messenger android app

Plan branding style for your free messenger android app

4: Complete step 3 until you have changed the branding to suit your needs

5: Choose your app name and complete the description

Android App Making Tool Template

6: Click create app and you are ready to go

7: If you wish to create advance changes, click on edit

Android app templates make app making easy and give you the ideal opportunity to create an Android app business. Try creating a range of apps for your business using different AppsGeyser Android App Making Tool Templates. Don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook page to tell us how your app making is going.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter,
If you’re interested in making your own Android apps, start creating apps here.