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New Personalization Style Added to AppsGeyser’s Android App Making Tools

February 1, 2013 by Gabriel Machuret

In recent months we have been looking at how we can help Android app makers personalize their apps and are happy to announce that some changes have been implemented to our Android app making tools.

What has changed?

There are three main app templates that have seen changes, they are; YouTube Android app making tool, RSS Android app making tool and the Niche Android app making tools. At present the main change that has occurred is the ability to set the color of the app to your style. To do this follow the simple steps below.

1: Log into your AppsGeyser account and click on create app


2: Choose to create either a YouTube, RSS or Niche app

3: Create the app and click submit

4:Click on edit

5: Change the background colour of your app to suit your style

If you are looking to personalise your app further, you may do so using your advanced AppsGeyser dashboard. There are plenty of tips on how utilize our Android app making tools on our blog. Click here to go direct to our dashboard help post.

You can also be creative and implement script of your own. It is not as difficult as it may sound using our html editor makes this step easy. There are also some great html coding tips online. We recommend you learn the basics using w3schools.

Remember that you may also ask us for advice. Email me on or ask us and all thousands of Facebook friends on our Facebook page.

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