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Make An Android App and Learn Alternative App Distribution Methods

July 4, 2014 by Gabriel Machuret

All week we have been talking about the importance of app distribution, we have taken a look at how you can use banner ads and video ads on other platforms to help market your app. If you want to make an android app then getting people to download your app is very important, using your app in an ad in order to get other benefits is one very popular trick to use in app distribution. Today we are looking at alternate app distribution methods.

android app marketing

android app marketing – Utilizing your QR code

The traditional approach – App markets

Most app makers will simply place their apps in an Android app market and hope that their app will begin show through organic app searches. The problem with this approach is this is your only method of app distribution is in order to get high organic searches your ASO needs to be perfect and you will most definitely need to have at least 7 apps working in the market. What we suggest if you wish to use the traditional approach only, is to ensure that not only do you have a minimum of 7 apps available but to also place your app in numerous app stores and not just one.

Email distribution

AppsGeyser offers you the QR code for your app as well as the APK and app link, these are three wonderful ways in which you can utilize through emails to your existing client base. You can use a marketing company that is free, such as MailChimp to create a newsletter that contains the code that allows the users to click on it and download the app.

Online Distribution

If you have an existing business website, or a blog then you can use this to distribute your app code. You can ask other websites to add your code for you just like people do link swaps to help aide their SEO, you can do app distribution code swaps too. Some websites will automatically send the app download to the users device if they are accessing the code via an Android powered device.

And don’t forget the advertising method that we spoke of yesterday….

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