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How to Get App Users to Use Your App Frequently

January 17, 2013 by Gabriel Machuret

Recently I have been contact by a number of app makers who have successfully created an Android app with AppsGeyser’s free app making tools all asking me a similar question, ‘how do I get app users to use my app more often?’. I am going to look at a number of ways that could help you solve this issue allowing your app to be utilized to its full advantage.

Keep users coming in

Why do I need my app to be used frequently?

There are two reasons why it is important that your app is used frequently by those that have downloaded it.

 1: Rating in GooglePlay – If your app is deleted frequently after download or is not used often, the content is then deemed by Google to not be relevant and your app will begin to go down in the search rankings. The lower down in the search list you are, the less likely your app will be seen by your potential audience.

2: Revenue – If your app is not in use, then quite simply your ads will not be seen and you will not be making any money. Also no affiliate advertising will decrease if the businesses paying you for advertising are not getting any feedback from their ads with your app due to the lack of exposure.

How do I get my app used more often?

There are a number of ways in which you can encourage people to use your app on a more frequent basis:

Push notifications – You can use these notifications to remind people about the app, in the detail of the notification you can write that there is new information, or updated features. With the free AppsGeyser account you are entitled to three free notifications a month.

Competitions – This is a great way to get people involved in your app. Make sure the competition is dynamic and interactive so people will want to take part. I find humor competitions are particularly successful, such as funny caption competitions.

Regular updates – Keep your app refreshed by making sure you update it regularly. If your app is connected to a website or online source it will be receiving new information as you update the online source, but it is also important to update the app itself too.

We wish you app success and hope to hear from you with good news shortly now that you know how to get app users to use your app frequently.

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