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How to Avoid Copyright Infringement When Creating Your Android App Content

January 21, 2013 by Gabriel Machuret logo

When you decide to create an Android app it is important that your content is; interesting, entertaining and informative or else you will find no one really wants to use your app.

It is very simple to look at the vast amount of content on the web and simply copy it to your own app. However, have you considered the fact that this is illegal? Today I am going to discuss the serious topic of copyright when creating your Android app content.

What is copyright?

Having the ‘copywrite’ means that you are the owner of an original piece of work, be it a written article, a photo, a song or a game, only you have the right to reproduce this work or give permission for someone else to use your work. You cannot claim copywrite on a fact or an idea unless the idea has been patented.

How can you avoid infringing on copyright laws?

1: Create your own content – This is a simple answer, if you write your own content and use your own images you will not be infringing upon anyone else’s work, not only that you will be producing work that you will have rights over.

2: Give credit – Even if you are writing your own work in your own words, many ideas or facts are based upon others ideas, it is always nice and polite to give thanks to your sources by mentioning them and giving them in your writing. For example, you have created an app around the tricks to succeeding in the Angry Birds Space game, somewhere in your app you should link to the actual game, giving credit to the game makers and if you got some of your tricks from another online source, give them credit too.

3: Public domain – It is important you understand what this means. The internet is widely accepted as a public domain due to its vast audience however, this is where people are mistaken. The internet although it sits within the public domain the content that it holds is still protected by copywrite and permission needs to be granted for all works taken from the net unless it states otherwise.

4: Fair Use – If you are using snippets of an article, video, or image to get an idea across then this may be seen as using the materials within the powers of free speech in order to get your ideas of views across. This means you are not replicating the materials but are using them to provide background for another matter. Even though this can be argued usage of fair use, we would still advocate that you give credit to your sources within your app.

Thank you for reading this article today, I hope that this has helped you to understand copyright law in a little more detail. Remember, Google takes copyright very seriously, if they feel you have infringed upon someone’s rights, they can, and will, exclude your app from GooglePlay.

In this article I would like to credit my sources, (my own head) and facts from Wikihow.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be considered as a legal advice. I am not a lawyer and legal advice should be sought if required.

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