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How Can I Earn Money From my Free Android App?

April 12, 2013 by Gabriel Machuret

This week I got an email from an app maker that had just built a free Android app using the AppsGeyser app making tool templates. He was so excited that within one day of publishing his app he had already ranked over 1000 downloads which is an amazing feat but he didn’t know how he could make any money from the app.

Unfortunately for us, I asked him for his app download link so we could personalise a monetizing scheme based around his app, but he has yet to reply, so I thought I would write a post that gives you the basic information on monetizing your free Android app.

Earn money

1: Sales/upselling – Many people use their apps as a platform from which to sell products. These products may be closely related to your business from which you receive a percentage of the sale as agreed with the merchandiser, or they may be your own personal products. The sales can generate very good income and usually are most successful if the app is part of an app empire and the audience will come to you via one of your other apps through trust of your product.

2: AppsGeyser rewards program – As you are aware AppsGeyser apps are built with a banner space that runs ads on behalf of AppsGeyser, once your app reaches our minimum usage ratio the ad space will be shared with you. You will need to sign up to an Ad Network, such as Admob, or you can place your own banners to promote your other apps from your app empire. At present in order to qualify for this program, you will be required to have a minimum of 100 downloads per day, over a period of one week and an average usage ratio of 3 usages per download.

For Apps with less than 100 installs there is no banner space available and no ads displayed.

3: Alternate Banners – You can also build banners into your app to show private banner ads, not connected with the AppsGeyser rewards program. This is a good way to sell space on your app to private companies that will benefit from your audience. This form of income, because it is private tends to be financially most rewarding.

4: Networking – You do not need to just use banners to advertise on your app, you can also sell space on your app to local companies looking to advertise their businesses. If the companies believe that your app is relevant to their businesses they will be willing to pay good money to have their name and phone number of the app. These private advertisers will pay you monthly or yearly for ad space and if successful will keep coming back.

These are simple ways to make money from you app, if you have made money other ways, please let us know.

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