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Give Away Your Android App For Free – 8 Reasons Why You Should Not Charge For Your App

December 26, 2012 by Gabriel Machuret

android app feeMarketing your app starts with deciding if your app should be free to download or should be available for a small fee. At AppsGeyser we believe that all new apps should be given away for free. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, you are trying to create an app business yet you are giving away your product for free, how does that make business sense. Let me show you why we believe offering your app for free is a good marketing strategy.

Give my app for free?

Giving your app away for free offers the following eight benefits:

1:Download ratio: Free apps on average generate the same number of downloads within one day that a paid app at just $0.99 has in a month.

2:Bargain: People like a bargain and talk. “Word of mouth” advertising has been and always will be the best form of marketing, with the mobile world being instantaneous this means people can access your app within seconds of being told about it.

3: Cost: If there is a cost, users will think twice about downloading the app. When something is free there is no risk allowing your app to have a larger audience.

4: Upsell: Once you have convinced your audience with your fantastic free app, they will be more willing to upgrade to a paid premium version.

5: Alternative monetization: Free apps can still make you money using other monetizing methods, such as; banner ads, affiliate marketing, cross promotion, internal advertising.

6: Top Spot: Getting into the top 100 section of an app store is easier for free apps, thus promoting your brand and increasing your audience.

7: App Network: Create a network of apps and aim for app quantity, the more apps you have the more people will see your brand and the more apps you have the more credit people will give you as an app developer creating loyalty. This allows you to then upsell to premium apps.

8: Create an engaging app: This means you need users to log on often and interact directly with the app, you want your users to open the app daily or even several times a day, the more they use the app the more likely they will recommend it to friends.  Engaging apps should definitely be offered for free to increase word of mouth advertising.

We are not here to convince you that you must give away your Android app for free, however we want to let you know the tricks of the trade and help you on your way to app success and a successful business. I hope this post has helped you.