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Does AppsGeyser Support HTML5?

May 20, 2016 by Gabriel Machuret

Yes, we fully support HTML5. You can use all functionality features that HTML5 provides, like Local Storage or Geo Location.

Appsgeyse offers an HTML Editor, which works like a simplified word processor, so anyone familiar with any of the common word processors or with HTML WYSIWYG editors will be able to use the editor without any special training.
Appsgeyser enables Android app builders to edit HTML directly while building their app. With the HTML editing function, it’s easy to build an app that contains just the right information.
For example, a store owner wishing to provide store hours or its main inventory items for users can build an app in as long as writing and formatting the information takes.
It’s important to note that this feature can be used for any tab in an app, meaning that an app can have both static information in its HTML code and information linked to a website, a video channel, a Twitter feed, or any other document or web content.

Watch this video about the Appsgeyer HTML Editor,