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How to create pair matching games with AppsGeyser

March 9, 2018 by Gabriel Machuret

I know, but this one is for my son. We both like googling FNAF pictures. But, there’s more to that. So, I decided to create an app for us to play together. It’s sort of an exercise that proves that an interactive pair matching game can be a lot of fun.

It all starts with pairs. What is a pair, anyway?

“plural pairs or pair”

These are two corresponding objects designed for use together. A good example is a pair of jeans or shoes. It can also be 2 similar or associated things like: married couples, animal couples, etc. It can also be anything of the same denominatons, value, or rank. It can also be a set of objects.

With a pairing game created by AppsGeyser, you can pair matching to the next level. This genre has been existent since my childhood and probably for years because it has played by all ages and walks of life. In a nutshell, all cards have its own pair. The cards are then shuffled and placed in a certain grid. Your goal is to find the pairs. The key is to memorize all the cards that you have flipped. The more cards to pair, the harder the game is. You can play it on your own, but it is better to play it against each other.

The very first thing that I did is I gathered all the FNAF pictures for the game. I made sure that I downloaded high resolution pictures that are copyright free. I also enhanced them using

Next, is I signed up on AppsGeyser, and chose the option create a game. Then, I chose the Find A Pair template.

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From there, I was asked to provide all the information about the app, including all the images, icons, and the levels. I did not find it hard to finish up the game, since the guide is pretty self-explanatory. Then the platform provided me with an APK file that I used to install on my mobile device.

When I tested the game, it was awesome and my son loved it. Up until now, we’re still playing the game, and updating it with new levels and images.

Cool eh? Once, we’re totally satisfied with the app, we will publish it on Google Playstore. Wish us luck!
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