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Create an Android App Game With AppsGeyser’s New Android App Templates

February 14, 2014 by Gabriel Machuret

Creating an Android app is easy with AppsGeyser, but until now the templates have been based around written, audio and video content, that is, until now. AppsGeyser has recently launched a range of templates that allow you to create an Android app game in a few simple clicks.

There have been no less than 7 templates that have been launched in the past few weeks including: the shooting game template, the coloring book template, magic ball template, the scratch quiz template, the memory based game, match two pictures, the popular match three in a row game and finally the four pictures one word game.

Is creating an Android app game difficult?

It may be difficult to create an Android app game from scratch, but not when you have the help of AppsGeyser. The templates provided by AppsGeyser allow you to create an Android app game in a few seconds, all it takes is a few clicks and your game is ready. Creating the Android app game is the easy part of the app creation process thanks to AppsGeyser’s templates, getting your business plan into place is where you need to focus your time, but yet again, AppsGeyser has also created lots of tips for you to ensure that your Android app game is a success, click through our blog for more information on getting Android app game success.

How do I create an Android app game?

1: Click on create

2: Choose the game style that you wish to use – we will take the shooting app game for our example

3: Choose the background – you may change the background image to one that suits your needs – see our previous post on background images for ideas of where to find a suitable image

4:Choose your players and your weapons in the same way as you have chosen your background

5: Complete the app name and description

6: Submit your app

There is a limitless number of ways in which you can enjoy the AppsGeyser’s Android app templates, create an Android app game and share it with your friends for fun, make a series of games for publishing to an Android app store, have a fun game for your existing business where the person that sends a photo of the highest score wins a prize….Think outside the box and have fun