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Reasons Why You Should Make Social Media Marketing For Your Android App Business Humorous

Friday, December 20th, 2013

What is better than something that helps brings a smile to your face? Not much, starting the day with a smile not only makes the day seem so much more pleasant but it also makes you feel at ease, relaxed and joyous. How many times have you walked into the office to see a colleague smiling to themselves, and the first thing you have said to them is, ‘what did you put in your coffee this morning to make you smile like that?’ Humor makes people talk.

What does this have to do with your Android app business social marketing strategy? Well, bringing in humor to your social media marketing will help you to engage with your audience and bring them closer to you. It will also help you to build their loyalty and encourage word of mouth marketing. Afterall, haven’t you just asked your colleague what has made them so happy?

So why is humor in social media so important?

1: Loyalty – When something is humorous is makes us want to be a part of it, gives us the reason to keep coming back to the brand and encourages us to feel comfortable with the brand. Your brand itself does not have to be offering a service or product that is humorous, but your persona to the public should represent a real person that knows how to be professional, but to also have fun.

2: Brand interaction – Many of the major companies in the world will often join forces and continue a joke going between them online, followers will continue to look for who is laughing at who next, this encourages your users to interact with your brand on a very personal level. Have a look below at how two top American brands play along with each other on Twitter:


It isn’t just brands that do this, watching the interaction between people can also be highly contagious. Piers Morgan and Sir Alan Sugar are constantly bickering on Twitter between them and have amassed a huge audience that love reading and joining in with their jokes.

3: Humor gives you the attention over your competitors – Humor makes you stand out amongst your competitors, it brings you forward in the fight for attention and encourages your audience to remember you in a positive light.

4: Humor makes you likeable – Who would you prefer to have contact with, the pushy salesman, or the interactive funny guy? This goes without saying, no one wants to listen to that pushy salesman, but would rather interact with a real human that has a sense of humor. Of course your brand should not be turned into a comic channel, but being human involves being real and knowing how to laugh and share a laugh.


5: Highlights your serious content in a stronger light – It is not always possible to be light hearted and in real life being light-hearted all the time isn’t normal, and this is how you need to play your social media campaign. Your followers will see that there is a strong distinction between the funny you and the serious you and will be able to accept your social media presence as a real figure to interactive with. It is important is that there is a line drawn between humor and reality and the two that can be combined, should always maintain the status quo and never fall into the trap of becoming derogatory.


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Android App Business – Time for Some Fun

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

We have had an intense few weeks learning the foundation steps for your soon to be successful Android app business.

Before you get settled into starting, we wanted to share some Andorid humor with you, to help show you why you are about to embark on a career choice that is Android based and not Apple iOS based. Of course we have nothing against Apple, but when it comes down to business, there really is nothing like an Android app business.



Android app business

Why choose an Android app business - Via phonearena


This post is to be taken in good humor, to give you that Friday feeling that you will be feeling every day of the week once your Android app business is up and running.

Have a great weekend and looking forward to hearing how your preparations are going for your Android app businesss, don’t forget to email me your stories.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter,
If you’re interested in making your own Android apps, start creating apps here.