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New Great Templates for you ready to use.

We have great new templates this Month….

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Expect tutorials and guides how to monetize and build better apps.

Simple Quiz App
We have decided to simplify the Quiz app and this template makes it fast and awesome to build. Give it a go, no excuse not to launch your own Quiz today.

Scratch Game App
A nice mix perfect for users that like luck based games and gambling games… addictive!

Word Challenge App
Word Games are super super popular, so popular they have their ow category…

Radio Steam App
Radios are so popular now a day and perfect to niche … Sport Station… Music… Podcasting.

Horoscope Apps
A great app with a huge popularity now a days, very easy to niche and great great potential

Anagram Game AppThis type of app has huge followers and they are easy to build and once players are hooked they stay using your app.

New Great Templates for you ready to use.