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Pricing Your Android App

Yesterday, we discussed whether or not you should sell your app. If you’ve decided that your app is something that you definitely want to sell, the next question is obvious. How much should you charge? Obviously, you’d like to charge a million dollars from each user, but then nobody will buy it. Of course, if you did manage to make one sale, you’d be in good shape. It’s important to be realistic, while not undervaluing your service.

First, while a lot of people price their apps at the 99 cent price point, it’s not necessarily the best price for your app by default.  99 cents is a good price for a game that kids are going to buy, because it’s easy for them to convince their parents to spend a buck on a game.

When it comes to utility apps, there’s generally a sense that you get what you pay for, so people might actually choose a slightly higher priced app in the same category.

You can experiment with your price, finding a “sweet spot” – a price where people seem to buy your app at a fast pace. Many app makers find this price to be around $4.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but if at first, you don’t get a lot of buyers, you might want to raise your price to see if you make your app look higher class.

If you’re left scratching your head as to what to do, here’s our suggestion:

For a game, try pricing your game at 99 cents to attract a younger audience that needs to convince their parents.

For a utility, try pricing at $3.99 to show that you think your app is worthwhile without hitting a price point high enough to make people really think about the expense.

Pricing Your Android App

Free Video Tutorials at the AppsGeyser App Academy

AppsGeyser app academy

Build a free android app with the AppsGeyser app academy

Sometimes reading about how to create and market an Android app can be confusing and intimidating. We have created a huge host of information here on our AppsGeyser blog for your every app making need, but we understand that you may need some further help. This is where the App Academy comes in. Over on our App Academy, we have created a range of short, one minute, video tutorials that will show you how you can create an app from scratch, give you ideas for content, and teach you how to make money from your app.


Appsgeyser App Academy

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The AppsGeyser app academy has been created to help simplify the path to app success. We hope that through the videos, we will help guide you through every step of your app career. We want you to learn how to build an app from scratch, how to create an app from a template, and how you can distribute your app. We also have videos that will teach you marketing techniques, as well as videos that explain just who we are, and what we do.



What are you waiting for? It is time to join us over at the AppsGeyser App Academy today.

Free Video Tutorials at the AppsGeyser App Academy

Monetization: Add Your AdMob Details into Your AppsGeyser Account Today – Start Earning


Money, money, money

AppsGeyser wants you to give you a nice gift. We are now offering app makers the chance to earn money from their app from the very first day that their app goes live.

We have been listening to the needs of our app makers, and have recently decided to remove all requirements to joining our monetization scheme. If you are interested in building an Android app and earning money from the very first time your app gets published,  now you can with AppsGeyser.

AppsGeyser has enabled the entire collection of app templates to be monetized. That gives you over 50 different app styles that you can create and monetize today.

Creating apps with Appsgeyser could not be easier. Simply log into AppsGeyser and choose your template style. Insert your content, be it your company URL, your brand icon, family videos, what ever content that you have created, and in a few clicks you are done.

In order to monetize your app, all you need to do is insert your ad publisher’s code into your AppsGeyser dashboard within the monetization tab. Simple.

Banner ads are a perfect way to monetize your app in a passive manner. The way it works simply means that anytime a person is using your app and there are banners showing, you will earn. We cannot tell you the amount of money that you will earn, as this is dependent upon many factors. This includes the style of affiliate ads you have chosen, the number of times people view the banners, the time that is spent on your app. For more information on how affiliate ads work click here.



The video below shows you how to join the AppsGeyser monetization program.

Don’t forget that the minimum requirements have now been removed.

Don’t forget to visit the AppsGeyser Academy for more short and simple tutorials

Monetization: Add Your AdMob Details into Your AppsGeyser Account Today – Start Earning