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Are you a developer? We want to help you to make money with your source codes

In order to increase our services, Appsgeyser is opening the doors to developers from all over the world to join our new Developer System.

How does the program work?

The main idea is simple.. we want you to upload and adapt your Android code to be part of Appsgeyser and profit from your specific code by being distributed in our program.17123251389_bed3c3a1ba_b (1)

The process is simple… and although it may take you a few hours to adapt your code to our requirements, this is a great opportunity for developers to monetize their existing code, make a great income and revamp old app templates projects you had.

Some of the advantages are:

Detailed stats —> clear transparency
Unlimited possibilities to profit –> a huge network
Great support –> we got your back.

To apply click here  – we plan to keep you informed of how much revenue you can make, terms and conditions and the best way to partner directly with AppsGeyser.

Don’t forget this is 100% free and you can expect to make from $800 to $2000 per month alone!


Are you a developer? We want to help you to make money with your source codes

Pricing Your Android App

Yesterday, we discussed whether or not you should sell your app. If you’ve decided that your app is something that you definitely want to sell, the next question is obvious. How much should you charge? Obviously, you’d like to charge a million dollars from each user, but then nobody will buy it. Of course, if you did manage to make one sale, you’d be in good shape. It’s important to be realistic, while not undervaluing your service.

First, while a lot of people price their apps at the 99 cent price point, it’s not necessarily the best price for your app by default.  99 cents is a good price for a game that kids are going to buy, because it’s easy for them to convince their parents to spend a buck on a game.

When it comes to utility apps, there’s generally a sense that you get what you pay for, so people might actually choose a slightly higher priced app in the same category.

You can experiment with your price, finding a “sweet spot” – a price where people seem to buy your app at a fast pace. Many app makers find this price to be around $4.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but if at first, you don’t get a lot of buyers, you might want to raise your price to see if you make your app look higher class.

If you’re left scratching your head as to what to do, here’s our suggestion:

For a game, try pricing your game at 99 cents to attract a younger audience that needs to convince their parents.

For a utility, try pricing at $3.99 to show that you think your app is worthwhile without hitting a price point high enough to make people really think about the expense.

Pricing Your Android App

Free Video Tutorials at the AppsGeyser App Academy

AppsGeyser app academy

Build a free android app with the AppsGeyser app academy

Sometimes reading about how to create and market an Android app can be confusing and intimidating. We have created a huge host of information here on our AppsGeyser blog for your every app making need, but we understand that you may need some further help. This is where the App Academy comes in. Over on our App Academy, we have created a range of short, one minute, video tutorials that will show you how you can create an app from scratch, give you ideas for content, and teach you how to make money from your app.


Appsgeyser App Academy

Hello – Join our Appacademy today


The AppsGeyser app academy has been created to help simplify the path to app success. We hope that through the videos, we will help guide you through every step of your app career. We want you to learn how to build an app from scratch, how to create an app from a template, and how you can distribute your app. We also have videos that will teach you marketing techniques, as well as videos that explain just who we are, and what we do.



What are you waiting for? It is time to join us over at the AppsGeyser App Academy today.

Free Video Tutorials at the AppsGeyser App Academy