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6 Ways to Ensure App Quality for Android Apps

app quality controlAppsGeyser lets you turn any web content or HTML into an app. That doesn’t mean that every piece of HTML that is made into an app should be added to Android Market and marketed to the hilt. Some apps need fine-tuning or even big improvements before they go hit the big time.

It’s important to be sure your app is high quality before adding it to Android Market, as Google has been cracking down on low-quality apps. Once an app is removed from Android Market, getting it back in can be difficult, and new apps from the same developer account may be screened more carefully than regular apps.

How do I decide when to put my app in Android Market?

To decide when to put your app in Android Market, answer the following questions:

  1. Will it look nice on an Android phone?
  2. Does my app work correctly?
  3. Is someone likely to want or need what I offer from a mobile platform?
  4. A corollary to #3 – Is the information or functionality offered in my app the part of my website or service that is likely to be needed by someone who isn’t sitting in front of their home or office computer?
  5. Is this app better or cheaper than other apps that do the same thing in Android Market? (Or does the app give unique content?)
  6. Would my friends or colleagues be interested in downloading my app?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions above, then go for it! Add your app to Android Market, spend time and effort marketing it, and expect great results. Be especially careful regarding the first two questions. If your app doesn’t work correctly and size correctly for a phone, it is likely to be removed from Android Market. If you answered ‘no’ for any of the other questions, it’s time to take a good look at your app and see if you can make some improvements. When you’ve made the right improvements, and you can answer ‘yes’ to all of the questions above, you’ll have a high quality app!


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6 Ways to Ensure App Quality for Android Apps

Getting Your App to the Top of the Android Market

In the Android Market, no one factor determines what apps reach the top positions. The top position is not reserved for the best-selling apps or the best ranked. Instead, Google has one of its famous “black box” algorithms working to determine which apps reach the top.

Some things are clear, though:

  1. Apps that are downloaded more are higher up.
  2. Apps that have a high review rate with positive reviews are higher up.
  3. Apps with a high retention rate – that is apps that people don’t delete after downloading- are higher up.

How do you make your app achieve these things? First, you make apps that people can find easily, by using relevant keywords in your super-charged description.

Second, make an app that people want to review. Make sure the app is so spectacular that people are just dying to give it five stars. Then, remind them to review the app. In the app’s welcome screen, put a reminder like “Have you reviewed this app yet on Android Market?”

Third, and most important, make sure the app is an app that people want to keep. Make sure the app is one that does what it says it does, and make sure that when competing apps come out that do it better, your app improves and releases a new version to keep pace with what’s out there. That way, there’s no need for customers to download something else and delete your winning app. This increases retention and keeps you on the road to the top of Android Market.

Getting Your App to the Top of the Android Market

Marketing Your Android App: Give Your App a Great Description

apps descriptionYou’ve used Appsgeyser’s easy interface to create an Android app that you think is fantastic. Now how do you get people to download it?

There are a number of elements that go into determining which apps are popular and which apps are a flop, but the title and description are essential parts of any campaign. There are two reasons why the title and description are so important:

  1. Searches. If your app is a diet calorie calculator, and the words “diet” and “calorie calculator” don’t appear in the description, it won’t be found.
  2. Help people decide what to download. When people search for an app, they don’t download every relevant app. They look at the descriptions and choose the one that best matches their needs.

The Title Should Tell What the Application Does
This seems obvious, but often app publishers look for a cute or gimmicky name that doesn’t give users any clue about the app’s function. An app called “My Best Friend” could be an app for keeping in touch with friends, an app about dog care or any of a number of things. Instead, give a meaningful name to your app that helps people know what it does without looking at the description.
How To Create a Great Description:

  1. Don’t waste the first few words. Some search results show only the first three of four words. If those words are “This is an app that…,” it doesn’t help get downloads.
  2. Make sure there are relevant keywords in the first line. If it’s a horoscope app, make sure the word horoscope is the first or second word.
  3. Explain exactly what the app does. Give a feature list or overview. If the app has a limited number of features, list them all. If the app is complex, make a list of the key features.
  4. Without mentioning or criticising your competitors, make sure that the list of key features highlights any features that your app has and other apps don’t have.
  5. Call to action – even though it sounds irrelevant, asking people to Download Now (or an equivalent) actually does help.
  6. Sense of urgency – do you plan on making your app a paid app in the future? Let people know. Use phrases like “Free for a limited time.”

Writing a useful app description means that more people will find it and download it. Changing descriptions on an AppsGeyser app is easy. Just login to the the dashboard and click Edit. If the app has already been submitted to the Android Marketplace, the description will have to be changed there separately.

Marketing Your Android App: Give Your App a Great Description