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May 10, 2013 by Gabriel Machuret

Thank you once again for those of you that have contacted us in the past week with your success stories, it makes me so happy to read your comments and proud to see that the AppsGeyser App building tools have allowed you to escape from the daily rat race into the app industry.

The app industry is very competitive, and making your app a success in not always as simple as you think. There are some very simple steps that you need to make in order to ensure your app empire becomes a success.

Appuniq App Empire of 6 apps

Today I want to show you the lovely feedback we received from a wonderful app maker named Appuniq . This app maker has in total 6 different apps, with their main app being an e-card app that has received more than 22,500 downloads. What is extra special about this app maker, is that they have chosen to not use GooglePlay but to focus upon the Amazon app store which as we can see is proving to be very successful for them.

This is what Appuniq had to say to us:

“being someone who is not at all related to software,I was trying to make an android app with appinventor two years back with some blocks….I could not understand it though simple to hear I was not getting what I needed..Then came Appsgeyser  which was just like an instant app making tool…soon i made an app “ECARDS FOR EVERY OCCASION” though not a best app  till now it could  get around 22,500+ downloads on amazon store..Thanks to Appsgeyser…!”


Its not always about having the best app idea, its having the right tools and the right motivation to push your app business forwards. Thank you for contributing Appuniq and I hope to have more app success stories from our users this week.


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