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5 Ways to Build a Website for Free (and then Make an App Out of It)

February 14, 2012 by Gabriel Machuret

built with google sitesBuilding an app is just a matter of creating the content and putting it into an accessible form. Gathering all of the relevant data, organizing it into a coherent plan – that’s just a small part of starting an app empire. For AppsGeyser users, that often means creating a website to base the app upon. There are dozens of ways to build a free website, but they’re not all created equal. It’s important to use the one that suits your needs best when you’re building an app. Here are five that we like and recommend:

  1. Google Sites – Google hosts these for free, there is no HTML knowledge required, and these sites integrate seamlessly with other Google applications. Google Sites is definitely the way to go if you’re considering the possibility of integrating a spreadsheet into an app.
  2. Blogger – Blogger is Google’s blog offering. It doesn’t offer a huge number of choices, but it’s easy to use.
  3. Weebly – With its drag-and-drop elements, anyone can create an impressive site in Weebly.
  4. Tumblr – This is another blogging platform, but unlike Blogger, Tumblr is better set up to handle photographs than long texts – making it a great blogging platform for an Android app.
  5. Wix  – Like Weebly, Wix offers drag-and-drop controls and creates a neat, sleek site.

Whichever free website provider you choose, remember that you will have to work with the mobile version of the site in order to make the app function well and look nice on mobile devices.

Remember, to choose correctly, you need to have a vision for what your app will do and how it will do so better than other apps. Each of the above platforms has some advantages over the others, making it difficult to decide. Remember, though, that you can always change your app later, build it in a whole new platform, update it in your AppsGeyser dashboard, upload the update to Android Market, and keep all of your previous users.

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