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4 Reasons Why You Should Make a Free Android App and Not an iOS App

October 24, 2013 by Gabriel Machuret

This week we have been discovering what is Android and things that you should know, or think about prior to commencing development on your first free Android app. Yesterday we discussed the basic reasons to why you should create a free Android app, the style of the app and why it’s important to create an app empire for your Android app. Today we are continuing to discover more reasons behind the pros of using Android over iOS.

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Make a free Android app

Until the very recent past Apple’s iOS system most definitely had the advantage in the app development world, maybe this was due to the fact their systems were so advanced and others, such as Android were only playing catch up with the technology, or maybe it was for completely other reasons, such as Apple had built a strong and almost unbreakable reputation as app leaders that could not be broken. Well, whatever the truth is behind Apple’s previous success, this era is now behind us with Android taking over app development with the help of Samsung and other popular Android providers.

So, what are the reasons that Android has begun to rise and is now considered the place in which app developers can, and should begin their app careers?

1: Competition – Competition in the iOS market has intensified so much that it is now almost impossible for new app developers to get a look in. With only one app market for developers to publish in, the iOS developers have to not only create high end apps, they also need to be discovered in this over populated marketplace, thus raising the risks involved in app development for iOS developers. iOS also has a very limited search facility within their marketplace, which again hinders iOS app developers’ chances of app discovery. Android offers Android app makers a whole range of markets to publish their apps to, reducing the risks of apps not being discovered and offering app makers the chance to succeed not only through producing great apps, but by also allowing them time to market their apps.

2: Barriers to entry – The iOS market is not as straight forward to enter, there are many barriers that can reduce the app makers’ chances of being accepted into the iOS arena, the review section of Apple iOS can hold back a developer for a significant period of time. Android on the other hand holds fewer barriers which allow developers to test their designs in the real market place and make upgrades in real time according to real feedback from their actual audience. The shortened time limit put on app review allows this process to be undertaken in a shorter time period which has huge advantages to the app developer.

3: User base – Whilst in the past it has been seen that Android was a poor relation to Apple and the audience that developers wanted to target were the ‘higher’ class that would only consider an Apple product, this most definitely is not the case now. Android’s user base has been growing at a much faster pace than Apple and has become the largest overall smartphone market in the world with Android taking up 48.5% of the market compared to iOS taking 32% according to Nielson’s report. This encourages developers to want to develop for Android; it’s easier to user, has the largest and continuing growing audience and allows easy development.

4: Monetization – For many people wanting to develop an app their reasons are based firmly on wanting to build a career and make some extra cash. Of course not all app makers make apps for monetary reasons, some create apps as a marketing tool for their existing businesses, but on the whole, no developer will say no to additional revenue. Android has worked significantly hard to improve its monetization infrastructure for app makers, encouraging developers to turn their back on iOS.

Now, are you ready to start making your free Android app?

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