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Before you Make a Website App – Make the Website Mobile Friendly

August 28th, 2015

It is clear to see that the most popular of all the AppsGeyser templates is the website URL template. More and more people are choosing to turn their website into a mobile app in order to get their business mobile. This is a positive step for marketing your business but if it is not done correctly the positive can quickly turn to negative. Let me explain.

The most important part of any marketing campaign is quality and with apps, prior to seeing the content, a user will see the download page and the preview of your app. They will look at the screenshots you have provided of the app and if the quality is not up to standard then your app will never make it to the download stage. The most common of all problems is not the quality of the image, but of the content itself because so many of you fail to convert your website to a mobile friendly site before creating your app. Many of our app makers are making this same mistake, they are creating apps from URL links that are not mobile optimized and are therefore they do not display properly when seen on a mobile device. Today I would like to show you how you can create a mobile website that will meet the standards for Android apps and mobile devices. Making an Android app from a web-link is an essential part of your marketing and we will help you do this correctly.

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile site is simply a website that has been optimized for a mobile device, such as; a tablet or a mobile phone. What this means is when someone enters your URL into their mobile browser they will get a converted page that will show the website on the mobile in a clear manner. It is this style of URL you need to use when creating your website app.

Can I create a mobile website app without converting my current website?

Yes, it is possible to create an app without converting it to mobile, but it may not be as easy to read or navigate on a mobile device with its current design therefore we continue to advocate that it is important that you make your website mobile friendly.

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infographic by MDG Advertising

How do I optimise my website for mobile?


There are online tools such as; OnbileWirenode and imcreator that will help you convert your current website or create a mobile website from scratch. These tools are widely known and are simple to use.

Onbile has a number of templates that you can easily customize to create a mobile site. Once the site has been made mobile-friendly, Onbile gives you a script to put on the website to automatically detect if visitors are coming from a mobile platform.

Wirenode is a great choice for small businesses. The service has a free version with easy ways to create your webpage. Some large companies have used Wirenode to create their mobile sites, so you can take a look at Vodafone, or O2 to see what their sites look like in action.

Imcreator allows you to choose a mobile friendly template when creating your website from scratch, this for many is the easiest option of both creating a website and an optimized site at the same time.


In order to get the most from your website app, you MUST ensure that the weblink is mobile optimized. Don’t take our word for it, create 2 apps, one with a mobile optimized website and one without and see which you prefer.

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Time to Get Your Business Mobile – Create an Android App Today

August 26th, 2015 1 Comment »

The need to get your business mobile has become paramount in the past year with more and more people carrying out web searches on their mobile devices. Business owners need to open their eyes and pay attention to the way people are searching for information to ensure that they are marketing their business in the most effective manner.


Mobile phones humor

Take your business mobile and join the modern world

Having your business online was the greatest marketing need of the past decade, but as with everything, things advance. With modern technology giving people access to information 24/7 via mobile devices, all business owners need to understand that if you want your business to succeed, you need to ensure that your potential and existing audience can connect with you.


The number of mobile devices available is continuing to grow. In most developed countries you will see smartphones everywhere, from the young pre-teens to the aging community. Mobile has taken over, and consumers want more. Marketers around the world are turning their attention to mobile.


How can taking my business mobile help me succeed?


Mobile offers you, as a business, numerous tools to actively engage with your potential consumer.  Mobile allows your users to contact you at the exact moment they require your services, regardless of where they are. But it isn’t always just about the consumer. You as a marketer can send push notifications, and offer a clear channel of communication, open 24/7.


Research has shown that mobile users are more likely to respond to a mobile notification than an email, which they may pass off as spam. Apps are downloaded through choice, and therefore notifications are received with more gratitude than email notifications that are often sent without any permission of the receiver.


You can always create a mobile version of your website which people can access via their mobile device. This is visually fine, but it still requires the user to input the details each time they want to access the website. By creating an app, you are creating a shortcut to your audience’s mobile, which enriches their user experience by making an action immediate. In addition to experience enrichment, by having your brand icon sitting on the mobile device you are creating a long-term impression on your app user, gaining loyalty and brand recognition.


Have I managed to convince you enough that you should be spending your next 5 minutes creating and perfecting your business mobile app? With the free to use, easy app creation templates, your business can become mobile today.

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Customize Android Apps – Video Tutorial

August 24th, 2015 2 Comments »

Learning to create an app has been made simple over at the AppsGeyser academy.

There are a range of lessons for you, all set in one minute tutorials, ranging from creating your first app to app distribution.

We have also added a sample customization video to help you learn how you can add your own code to customize Android apps.

We have recently been adding different styles of customized code to our blog, and these codes are now available on our AppsGeyser Academy YouTube channel.

View the video below to add a Pinterest Pin Button to your Android app.

Have fun and enjoy this wonderful customized code.


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