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6 Requirements to App Success

November 21st, 2014


The creation of an app is fun and exciting, but the success of an app is even more rewarding. Getting your app into the app market has proven easier than you had ever considered before, all due to the simple to use Android app tools that AppsGeyser provides for free. Now your task is to get app success and that is not as difficult as you may think.

finding the pieces to app success

Finding the pieces to app success

Today we are taking a look at the 6 requirements to app success. Throughout the week we will be looking at each requirement in a little more details, so stay tuned to our blog.

1: Publishing to App Store – There are many app stores out there for Android. The most commonly used and is still widely considered the best of all app stores is GooglePlay. However there are others out that which you may wish to consider publishing to. See here for more details.

2: App Quality – For an app to be successful the app needs to look and feel great, the content needs to be relevant to the title and the app must be easy to use.

3: Discoverable – .Can your app be found in the app store? Are you reaching the maximum amount of potential users?

4: Usage value and retention – You may have get people to download your app, but are you ensuring people are actually using the app? We find this is where many of our app makers fail.

5: Monetization – Well this won’t make the app a success or not but it will certainly keep you interested in ensuring that your app is a success. App success can mean big bucks.

6: Tracking – In order to know how your app is performing you should be tracking downloads and usage value of the app.


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Make An App For Free – Choose A Template And In 5 Minutes Publish Your App

November 20th, 2014

Are you one of those people that have the dream of making your own app but you just don’t have the confidence, or the knowledge to make an app? Are you worried that making an app is going to be complicated? making an app is going to be expensive? well, let me tell you something, AppsGeyser is going to take all your fears away because we hold the keys to your app making dreams.

AppsGeyser is an online app making platform that offers users tools to make an app for free, with over 50 templates to choose from you will soon find your options are limitless. All you really need to do is decide upon your business plan and use the template, or templates that best suit your needs. A few clicks and you are ready to publish your app to any Android app store.

How easy is it to make an app for free

AppsGeyser is one of the largest Android app template providers around, they have built up their business and reputation not only because of the easy to use templates that AppsGeyser provides but also due to theonline support that is available, and what’s more, it is all for free.

Is an app template really for you?

Most people are not familiar with the coding required to make an app for free, learning coding skills take time, patience and usually money, AppsGeyser decided that it was time to stop people being conned out of large sums of money for simple app styles and began to create a few easy to use templates. The templates proved so popular that today, AppsGeyser is proud to offer well over 50 templates to their users. Apps are not only a popular way of getting a business mobile , being are also fantastic marketing tools and also serve as a way of making extra income.   

Can I Really Make An App For Free in 5 Minutes?

yes, in order to make an app for free all you need is the content you want to include inside your app, such as your website URL or or document file. Choose which template style you would like to use, open the template, complete the basic information such as the app name and the URL link and AppsGeyser will do the rest for you. Click on submit and your app is ready for you.

What will my app look like?

AppsGeyser offers you a QR code that will enable you to view your app before you publish it to an Android store. Simply scan the code on your mobile device and the app will download, its that easy. Once you are ready to publish to the public you can choose from a number of different ways to distribute your app, once again, AppsGeyser is there to support you through any of these stages.

How many apps have been created to date using an AppsGeyser free Android app template?

In the three years since the launch of AppsGeyser, we have seen over 1.3 MILLION free Android apps created and 150 MILLION downloads of apps that have been created using an AppsGeyser Android app template.

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