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6 Steps To Creating A Push Notification For Your Free Android App

July 31st, 2014

One of the most popular and successful ways to remind your users to open your free Android app and to notify them of new free Android apps in your app empire is to send them a message. Messages are sent in the app world by using method call push notifications, or app alerts. Yesterday we briefly spoke about the usefulness of an app push notification and how this feature, three of which are given to you free by AppsGeyser for the first 100 users,  can be used to help you entice your users to engage with your Android app and recognise new apps that have been developed by you. Today we are going to look at, not how to create an Android app, but how to create a push notification for your Android app.

Although a push notification can be used for many reasons, the main use of push notifications remains as a notification of new features that you have upgraded and implemented. Alerts can also be used to promote competitions, introduce current sales, notify of important topical information as well as being used to promote external content such as affiliate marketing links and external ads. Whatever your reason for using your free push notifications it is important that you know HOW to create a push notification correctly.

Create a push notification

1: Log into your AppsGeyser account.

2: Once in your dashboard, choose the app which you want to send an alert to and click on alerts.

create an android app successfully
Click on Alerts


3: Click on the yellow button that says ‘create alert’.

create an android app successfully
Click on create alert

4: Now create the content of your alert using our HTML editor. You can add images, hyperlinks in order to make the notification more interesting.

create an android app successfully
Write your content

5: Click send alert and your alert will be sent.

create an android app successfully
Click on send alert

6: You have a choice to resend the same alert again by clicking the green symbol or you can create a whole new alert by clicking the ‘create alert’ button.

create an android app successfully
Send the alert again


How often should push notifications be sent?

Think about how many notices you would be happy receiving on your mobile phone and then you will get the idea that sending a million alerts a month is annoying and will not benefit your app because you will be seen as annoying. From our research we can see that sending too many messages, or sending alerts within the first 30 days of the app being live and having less than 50 downloads is just a waste of time, an app audience has to be vibrant before you start on this part of your marketing campaign. When people download an app, they will generally keep it on their mobile device for a minimum of one month before they decide to delete it if it is not useful to them, so do not feel pressurised to send your alerts immediately. After your free Android app has been live for a minimum of one month, we suggest sending a maximum of 3 notifications a month unless there is urgent information you need to get out to your users. If you update the app via GooglePlay you do not need to send an alert, the user will get an update notice via GooglePlay.

Don’t forget, if you have more than 100 users, you may purchase additional alerts from our sales team.

I hope this advice will help you create an Android app successfully. Let us know what you think via our Facebook page.

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Market Your Android App Empire Successfully

July 30th, 2014

In the past few posts we have touched on the importance of building an Android app empire and how you can build an android app empire. For those of you that read our post on how to not get distracted will have now planned and created your first even Android app empire and will be ready for marketing and distributing. So, what is the next step? The next step is concentrating on marketing your Android app empire, because there is no point in creating such wonderful apps if they aren’t marketed and distributed correctly.

Android app empire
Market your Android app empire

You need to create a marketing strategy that will tie together all of your apps and increase your distribution and audience for all of your apps at once.

How do I market my android app empire?

There are a number of ways in which you have the ability to market your Android app empire including the following:

1: Utilize your existing audience – The majority of app makers have created at least one app prior to beginning on their Android app empire, and it is this pre-existing audience that you need to focus upon initially, use their loyalty to raise app awareness. Your existing audience are those that have used your product and trust you, they are more likely to download your new apps and recommend your apps to their contacts.

2: Splash Screens – A splash screen is the screen that appears when you open an app. When an app is opened it has the full attention of the audience, therefore it can be the most important of all marketing techniques to utilise. What you need to remember that this is the first impression that your app user will get from you, therefore make sure it represents your brand and does not appear to be a selling page. It is important that you invest time in ensuring the splash screen is impressive, relevant, and inviting. We strongly recommend that you keep the details to a minimum so that the user is not stuck waiting for the splash screen to open and that in turn will delay the opening of the app. The image needs to be clear, appealing, and relevant to your brand, so the user doesn’t close the app thinking they’ve opened the wrong app.

3: Push notifications - Push notifications, which we also called alerts are a trade marketing tool that continues to be popular and I am sure that you would have seen them on your own phone. Alerts are used for different reasons, including; to remind the user to use the app, to notify the user about a sale, or to let them know about a new product. An alert is like a text message that creates a little icon in the mobile devices’ information bar at the top of the screen, this makes the reminder that the app exists really clear. Using alerts to bring users from one app into another can be very effective, particularly if the apps are related.

4: Banner ads – Most people will think of banner ads as a way to advertise external resources  as a way for developers to make extra income, however, this is not the only good use for a banner ad. A banner ad can be used to introduce a new app to your network, the banner can be a great tool.

As you can see, there are several paths available to you to market apps from within your own Android app empire. You have already created the apps, created an existing audience, and now you have the tools to market your entire network of apps from within.

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