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Four Steps to Start a Social Marketing Plan for Android Apps

October 9th, 2015

Have you got dreams to give up the day job and sit back waiting for your Android apps to bring in a high-rolling salary for you? You are not alone. The competition that you are facing is harsh, but the dream can become a reality if you are willing to put in the work and focus on marketing your Android apps.

AppsGeyser has provided free to use Android app templates and continues to provide on-going customer service to help you customize and distribute your Android apps. However, what AppsGeyser can not do for you is to carry out your marketing. AppsGeyser will let you know the tools and tactics you need to implement for Android app success, but the rest of the work is up to you.

The most successful of all Android apps are those that have a strong social media presence. Using social media profiles can help you to build, engage and maintain a loyal audience.

Social media marketing is not for the fainthearted. It is not about posting your app and spamming people with adverts about your business. It is all about the engagement. You need to be grabbing your audience through the links you share, and the conversations you make. Social media marketing is focused upon getting the audience to know the people behind the business, and getting them to love you and become loyal to you. Today we are going to look at how we can engage our social media audience so that we can continue to build apps, and build our app business successfully.

Android App Marketing

Android App Marketing is vital for success – image via geekszine

1: Make time:  You will not need to break the bank to use social media for your marketing. Social media is free, but your time is not. Using this technique to get your app known is by far the most successful, and it is also by far the most time consuming. To get the most out of your social media marketing campaign, you need to either employ a social media person, or be prepared to be active for a few hours every single day. Of course this is not as daunting as you may think. Social media is available on every mobile device. Therefore you can divide your time between social online networking and responding to messages and notifications. The latter can be completed from your mobile device as and when a notification becomes available. Social networking should be a scheduled plan for you initially, ensuring you really build your audience. After a while this will wane and you can focus upon your notifications and engagement. When you begin your social media profiles, you must be prepared at the beginning to talk to yourself before people being to reply.

2: Advertise your social profiles – Make sure that people coming to you, either from your website, from any form of advertising, or through any contact with you are given easy access to your social profiles. Make your social media outlets clear on all your paperwork, website, app, blog and where ever there is any form of written text. Many of the templates on AppsGeyser have the ability to add tabs. If your website does not have social media buttons, add another tab on your mobile app app with links to all your social media. You want to ensure that your audience has a way to get connected with you. Building an audience is like watching a snowball roll down a mountain; it begins slowly and gradually increases speed and size.

3: Plan your social platforms – There are so many different platforms out there. One piece of advice: you do NOT have to be active on them all. Choose just two platforms that you can focus your time on, and build these successfully. You can build additional profiles once you have a stable following. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular of all sites; however, we believe you should have a visual platform also. Choose from Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube. Each social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to decide which will engage the right audience for your business.

4. Be realistic– If you want to be successful, you need to be active, engaging and interesting. If you are posting links that are irrelevant to your audience, or you are replying to contacts with boring links back to your website, then you will not succeed. Social media marketing is not traditional marketing. Social is exactly what this style of marketing needs to be to be successful. If people love you, they will gravitate to your Android apps without you having to persuade them to tune in.

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Pinterest Pin Button Will Take Your App around the World

October 7th, 2015 1 Comment »

Do you want to enjoy your app’s success, but wonder how to market it to a wide audience? Well, it is time you introduced a Pinterest Pin button to your android app

Pinterest is a fun and visual social media site, used for sharing images. Marketers have jumped on this social platform and are using it as part of their product growth strategy. There is huge growth on this platform. In fact it’s growth patterns have reflected the same growth pattern as Facebook did in 2006-7.

Pinterest has an audience that is contributing for the long term. Unlike a gaming platform, people are sharing images, images which they are attached to for personal and business reasons, and therefore they are committed to this platform.

In its first 8 months, Pinterest only had 40,000 unique users, but the platform’s growth snowballed with the number of shares it was receiving. The sharing aspect of this platform is what makes it a great tool for marketing your business.

It is time for you to add the Pinterest button to your app, and get your users to begin to share images from your app onto this fantastic social and viral media site. We have recently been adding different styles of customized code to our blog, and these codes are now available on our AppsGeyser Academy YouTube channel.

View the video below to add a Pinterest Pin Button to your Android app. Have fun, and enjoy this wonderful customized code.


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Four Distractions Hurting Your Android App Career Efforts

October 5th, 2015

You have all the good intentions of starting your very own Android app career. You have the idea in place, the content all ready, and you even know how you want to market your app. So what is stopping you from starting your Android app career?

What is distracting your and your Android app career

What is distracting your and your Android app career

Many of us sadly get distracted way too easily, leading to our inevitable app making failure. In this post I am going to highlight the main sources of distraction in the hope to keep you from making the same mistakes as many others have. It is time to put the distractions aside, and begin your career in Android app making.

1: Social networks – You are all set to get your social media plans up and running. Social media is perfect for marketing your android app career and building your audience prior to releasing your app. BUT, oh dear, you just can’t stop clicking over from your newly founded business profiles to your personal social profiles. Just that one second look to see if you’ve received a notification will take you off track for the next 10-20 minutes. You may very well think that split second look at your personal profile won’t set you back, but it will. That one second stops your concentration. It stops that train of thought and it takes time to get that back, losing you plenty of precious time. And by then, oh oops, you have clicked back to your personal page again, and that cycle of concentration lapses has repeated itself again.

2: Mobile phones – Beep, vibrate, ring. Oh, the joy of being connected. If you are not turning your phone off, or at least putting your phone on silent then you are setting yourself up for multiple disruptions. It isn’t just the two minute phone call that stops your train of thought. Once you have answered that call, how can you ignore those social network notifications? And how can you not click on to your favorite app? Do you have the urge to read that whatsapp message on the school notice group, even though you know it’s about the upcoming trip and not relevant right now? Of course you have to click on it. Well, that’s another hour of work gone. Time to turn that phone OFF.

3: Lack of organization – Today on the to-do list you want to create a social media contact list for Twitter, you want to upload some new images, oh and you want to delete and rewrite just one paragraph. And don’t forget that you want to create a new logo and research branding ideas. Well, once again you find yourself clicking from one thing to another. If you are not clear on your objectives of the day, or have too many conflicting ideas, then you will never get through the list and will spend your time clicking back and forth between each of the tasks you know need to be done.

4: Workspace – Your sofa is beautiful and ever so comfy, but it is NOT the ideal place for you to work from. If you want to work from home, you need to set yourself up a space that will provide comfort and no distractions. Having the kids running around, or seeing the breakfast bowls that need cleaning in the corner of your eye will simply keep giving you excuses to stop working. If you are at home there is always something that will distract you. The kids have the TV too loud, your partner is asking you questions. Stop. Clearing one hour with no distractions will benefit you much more than working through six hours of distraction. Find that time and place to work without distractions.

No more excuses… Go and start your Android app career today.

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