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How to create the perfect app

AppsGeyser Android App Web Templates

AppsGeyser has created a range of rich Android app templates that will enable you to convert your existing web content into an Android app in an instant. AppsGeyser has on offer a range of app template categories that you can choose from, including web, business, media and game templates.

Web templates are the most commonly used Android app templates on the AppsGeyser platform. The reason behind this is simple. A large percentage of app makers that decide to create an app already have existing online content that they wish to mobilize, for example an existing business website.

Web templates are not limited in the usefulness. There are many different ways in which you can use a web template. Below is a list of templates that currently sit within the web template category that you may find of use.

Android app web templates

AppsGeyser holds a range of Android app web templates for free use

Web-based templates for existing content:

Website – Create a link to your existing website and turn it into an app

Browser — Turn your app into a mobile browser to search external content from within your app

Blog – Create an app from your Blog

News – Create an app with latest news from your city or country

RSS — RSS feeds are popular news style apps

Map –  Create your own map application!

Social Styled templates:

Messenger – Don’t want WhatsApp anymore? Then make your own messenger styled app

Twitter – Create an app from Twitter feed

Image Feed – Create your entertainment app with funny pictures from 9GAG or Reddit

VK Page –  Your VK group feed. Note that your page must be public

Facebook — Turn your Facebook page into an app in an instant

Web styled templates available for offline content

Page — Create an offline app from scratch in a few clicks, including ebooks

HTML — Use your HTML knowledge to create a website styled app that is available offline

Web App — Use your existing html coded files to make your website available as an app offline


AppsGeyser is always looking to add more templates to the eve growing collection, so if there is a template style you think we need to add, don’t be shy in coming forward and telling us.

Start your own app empire by creating apps.

AppsGeyser is App Template Heaven

AppsGeyser is app template heaven for app makers. Firstly, let me make it clear, that AppsGeyser is the only online app making program that offers app makers the tools to create an Android app in less than a minute. AppsGeyser gives you the ability to create apps, to modify apps and to distribute apps, all without charging you a cent. Secondly, AppsGeyser has now created over 50 different app templates to help app makers create a variety of styles for their app businesses.

Creating a single app is simple, but to get the most from your app, you really need to have a proper app presence. For that you need to be creating a variety of apps to build up a well-rounded audience, and this is where the AppsGeyser’s app template heaven comes into play.

AppsGeyser classifies the templates into 4 different categories including: web-based apps, business apps, gaming apps and media-styled apps.


android app game template
Make an app with AppsGeyser

Here is a list of all the app templates currently available. Time to make an app, and get your app making business off the ground

  1. Website  — Create a link to your existing website and turn it into an app
  2. Browser — Turn your app into a mobile browser to search external content from within your app
  3. Business — Make a quick app for your business, like a business card app
  4. YouTube — Create a link to online videos
  5. TV — Turn your app into a TV viewer
  6. Wallpaper — Get your images shared via mobile
  7. Page — Create an offline app from scratch in a few clicks
  8. HTML — Use your HTML knowledge to create a website styled app that is available offline
  9. Web App — Use your existing html coded files to make your website available as an app offline
  10. News — RSS feeds are popular news style apps
  11. 2048 Game — Use your images to make a game
  12. Quiz — Create a list of questions to test your audience’s knowledge
  13. Shooting Arcade — Classic game app
  14. Decision Maker — Roulette styled game
  15. Spaceship Game — Alien style class game
  16. Coloring Game — Let your audience colour in your images
  17. Document — Upload your file to make an offline app
  18. Audio — Connect your app to your favourite music files online
  19. Penguins Shooting — Fun game app
  20. Jump Man — Fun fast jumping game
  21. Blink — 3D styled Puzzle
  22. Tap Wars — 2 player game that is based on time
  23. 4 Pics 1 Word — Fun game app
  24. Scratch Quiz — Fun game app
  25. Match 2 Pictures — Fun game app
  26. Magic Ball — Fun decision making app
  27. Chicken Snake — Lead your chickens on the lawn
  28. Chase the Ghost — Get to the Ghosts before they get you
  29. Match 3 In A Row — Fun gaming app
  30. Spin the Bottle — Fun gaming app
  31. Tap the Cookie — Fun gaming app
  32. 15 Game — Fun gaming app
  33. Fishing — Fun gaming app
  34. Fall Down — Fun gaming app
  35. Volleyball — Game of skill
  36. Caves 3D — 3D time bound game of skill
  37. Basketball — Another gaming app
  38. Calculator — Make your own calculator to use as you need
  39. Facebook — Turn your Facebook page into an app in an instant
  40. Messenger — Don’t want WhatsApp anymore? then make your own messenger styled app
  41. Ragdoll — Great fun gaming app
  42. Cube Sprint — Move the cubes and beat the game
  43. Color Change — Old skool styled gaming app
  44. Website promotion app — Use your website URL to make an app in an instant
  45. Ecommerce App — Turn your commerce website into an app
  46. Taxi App — Need a taxi, turn to this app for details
  47. Law Firm — An app especially for law firms
  48. Restaurant — Do you run a restaurant? Then this is the template for your business
  49. Real-estate — Turn your real-estate business into a mobile business
  50. Currency Convertor — Find out what your money is worth today

With so many free app making templates to choose from it is sometimes difficult to decide which best suits your needs. Why not try a few out, see which you like and test them on your app audience? In order to make a great app network we advise that you use a minimum of free app making templates.

Start your own app empire by creating apps.

App Development for Businesses – Sell Your Apps

App development for businesses is the leading reason for app creation on the AppsGeyser platform. We have created partnerships with hundreds of app developers who are not creating apps for themselves, but are in the process of app development for businesses.

App makers around the globe are turning to AppsGeyser to help them create top of the range Android apps for them to sell on to businesses. It is not a new concept to us, to have Android app makers use AppsGeyser’s free app making tools to make an app that they then sell to other businesses for a profit. Is it time for you to start app development for businesses other than your own business?


create an Android app then sell it

App Development For Businesses

Make an app and sell it


How can I sell an app I made to someone else?

Selling the right to the app that you have created is not as complicated as you may first think. There are already a number of ways in which you can approach this. Each of the ways I am going to show you offers a different level of professionalism. There is no right or wrong way. Each way is dependent upon your app development business style.

You may choose to sell your app through a brokerage or sell Android app permissions independently. Here are two of the top app business selling websites that you may consider using:

Appbusinessbrokers – This app brokering company will help you through each step of the app selling process. They will value your business and ensure paperwork is signed and ownership of the app has been successfully completed. Although using a brokerage like this firm will cost you a little more, there are many advantages. Apps are matched to prequalified buyers looking to purchase a working app, and this saves you time and effort

Apptopia – This easy to use website allows you to list your own app and sell it independently. It has the feel of eBay. You list your product (your app business) and wait for bids to come in. The additional bonus this site offers is that once a deal has been struck, Apptopia will guide you through the handover process. In addition to their added customer support, Apptopia is also free. You may list your app on their site, and add a reserve price so you are not tied in to selling for less than your desired price. If your app does not reach its reserve price, you have lost nothing but a little time.

What am I selling?

As you may be aware, AppsGeyser doesn’t offer you the source code for your app, as this contains data owned by AppsGeyser. AppsGeyser provides you with an APK file that will allow you to upload your app in any Android market. Some people sell their apps but do not hand over the APK, and continue to support the app. Other app developers hand over the APK, and with this you must give the new owner access to the AppsGeyser dashboard so they can make relevant updates. Please contact our support staff to help you make the transition if you need to change the login in details of the account.

AppsGeyser is not able to provide you with the developer’s signature for legal reasons. This means that if the buyer moves the app to a non-AppsGeyser platform, they will not be able to distribute it using the same name in Google Play, and all ratings accumulated will be lost. What we suggest is that the AppsGeyser app remains as an AppsGeyser app, and be used as part of a network of apps that link to external AppsGeyser-made apps.

Now that you are an app making expert, it is time for you to start using your newly found skills to help other business get mobile.



Start your own app empire by creating apps.