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Friday Humor

January 30th, 2015

We have been so serious lately that I thought it was time to take a step back and smile for the day, after all it is Friday today.

With the holiday season now long behind us, and the summer holidays still a distant dream, we can only do one thing, and that is celebrate the weekend.

Below are a few of my favourite funnies just for you, our AppsGeyser friends.


When you are feeling at the end of your tether, remember Friday is just a few moments away


Humor ecard: Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating one of my coworkers with a keyboard. - Peg It Board

happy friday

Technology humor at its best




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Pros and Cons Of The RSS Feed Android App Template

January 29th, 2015

Yesterday we announced the update of the RSS feed app. This app has been popular since it was originally created for app makers’ use.

Today, the Android app making tool template pros and cons series will look at the RSS app making tool template.


What is the RSS app making template?

RSS is the short abbreviation for the words; ‘Rich Site Summary’. It is a tool that is used in the industry by professional website owners to notify their audience when data has been updated, such as new blog posts. The most common websites that implement the RSS feeds are websites that update their data frequently such as; news websites.

The RSS feed android app template from AppsGeyser works in two ways; you can choose to provide updated feeds from your personal website, such as your blog, or you can create a keyword search.  Keyword search will source information from the whole web based upon your keyword choice.


Instantaneous – If you update your website frequently and at regular intervals, you don’t want to keep updating your app. This feature will allow all your updates to show on your app instantaneously without you having to update the app.

Summary– RSS feeds provide a summary of the updated information, so your app users do not have to scroll through and read all updates, they can look at the summary and decide which article is relevant to their needs.

Advertising tool – Occasionally, and only occasionally, within your RSS feed you may include an article on your latest product, or an upcoming sale. This will then, in turn, feature on the RSS feed app.


RSS Link – Your website must already have a RSS feed link that you can use when creating your app

Frequency of updates – Customers like updates that are regular, if you are someone that will do a bulk of work at one time and then nothing for a while this app style is not for you. Updates must be placed periodically with an even spacing in between.

RSS Keyword search – Although this is a positive aspect of this app tool, there is also a negative side. RSS searches may not bring up the search results exactly as you had implied. The search feature will use the search terms provided, but with millions of sites using keywords, there is huge competition to which site will be found and shown in the feed.

As part of your app empire you will probably find yourself using different templates for different apps, now with the android app making tool templates pros and cons series you can clearly see which template suits each of your apps and why.

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