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Latest news about Amazon contest

Hey guys a quick update about the Amazon Contest

We continue with the contest but at the moment Amazon has decided to inspect each app one by one after the 27 of November.

What does this mean for you?

It means that although you can still continue creating apps, some of these Apps will not “count” for the contest until Amazon approve them.

The approval process will take a while, especially considering Christmas coming and the busy period time that the boys at Amazon may expect.

(Do not forget that Amazon is the world biggest retailer!)

So what do you need to do?
Nothing! just keep in mind this contest may be a bit slower based on the crazy Christmas period ahead.
You can still send

Please check   for more information.


How to Use ASODESK for Keyword Research Process

1st Step:

  • Define what the app does. Example app: Kids Video




Sample Process:

After reading the app description, you need to come up with some basic keywords that describes the app. For Kids Video, the seed keywords will be





Sesame Street


After putting all the basic keywords, head to



2nd Step:

Type the seed keywords in the keyword tool bar to get some keyword combinations. Make sure to get only the ones that are related to the app.


Click the small boxes before the keywords to select them. After checking all the keywords, click the “view as text” button then copy and paste all the keywords you selected in an excel file or spreadsheet. Do this step to each keyword. Make sure to get at least 8-10 combinations for each seed keyword.

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed on the searching for the next seed keyword, make sure to click the “reset” button so the keywords will not be duplicated.

3rd Step:

Go to

Login to your account. If you don’t have one, you need to create since you cannot use this tool without logging in.

Once you logged in, click “Add Application” button.


Afterwards, type the App Title in the search bar and select the right app. Then click add application.



Once you add the app, you will now see the whole dashboard. There are already some suggested keywords by the tool but it’s only limited so you need to add the keyword combinations you got earlier and get their statistics.



Before adding the keyword combinations, head to

You need to put all the keyword combinations you got on the left side box, then click the GREATER THAN sign to make the keywords only separated with comma (,).



Next, click the “Add keywords” button of the ASOdesk dashboard located in the top right.



Then copy the keyword combinations with commas, and paste it on the ASOdesk Keywords section. Click add keywords to add them.



Once the combinations are added, you can now select your set of “Long tail keywords”. This means that you need to get those keyword combinations that you can use as your app’s keywords.



You need to choose keyword combinations that has the following:

  • High users per day
  • High position in iphone (1 is the highest) – position means Ranking
  • Low total apps in iphone – this means low competition in every keyword

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