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Error, Error. What Can I do? Fix Your Android App Without Panic

November 30th, 2015 1 Comment »

I have decided to write this post to help app makers realize that if something has gone wrong with their app, it is not the end of the world. There are simple ways in which we can together, and sometimes, alone, fix an Android app without panic.

fix your android app

Oh no – time to fix your android app

Have you ever created an Android app, only to find that for some reason you can not download the APK? Have you scanned the app into your phone using a bar code reading app, and the app fails to install? What about the app that has installed correctly, but for some reason doesn’t open? Well, you may be surprised to know that there are a number of simple ways to help solve these issues.

How can you fix your Android app?

1: Try on another device – At times there may be an issue that is not related to the app, but is local to a device. The way in which you can check this is to try installing and using the app on another device.

2: Update your app – The template may have saved in an incorrect manner and produced a faulty APK. What you should do if your app isn’t work is to go to your dashboard, click on the advanced edit tab and click on ‘rebuild my app’. This will rebuild a new APK. Download the latest APK and see if the issue has cleared up.

3: Check your security – Occasionally an app will not work on your mobile device because your settings are set to not accept apps from a third party. Make sure your security settings will accept AppsGeyser templates as a secure app.

4: URL links – You can’t imagine how many people accidentally misspell a website address in their app set-up, causing the app to not work properly.

If you find that none of these quick fixes work for you, then simply contact us.

You can contact us though any of our social media profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You can also contact us through out online customer service page GetSatisfaction or email us directly at


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Monetization Conditions Updated – Check This Out Now

November 27th, 2015 2 Comments »

AppsGeyser has been in consultation with various app makers and their wishes in regards to monetization of their Android applications, and we have come to the conclusion that one glove does not fit all. What do we mean?

Different app template styles offer different experiences to the app users. This needs to be reflected in the style of the app, and the ability for the app maker to monetize their Android app. With this in mind, there have been significant changes made to the monetization for the Messenger, TV, HTML and Browser+ app templates ONLY.

Higher Your Android App Usage Ratio The Higher Your Revenue

Your Android App Can Earn You Big Bucks

Messenger, TV, HTMLand Browser+ app templates:

There is NO minimum number of installations required for monetization of the templates mentioned above. Instead app makers can enter their ad code into the monetization field as soon as their app has been created. Let me be clear, there is NO need to wait for any installations for the monetization code to be added to your app. As soon as the app is getting some views you could be earning some cash.

Ad space will be shared with AppsGeyser on a 50/50 basis.

What happens if the app maker has not added in their monetization code?

If app makers have not added a monetization code into their app, then NO ads will show if the app has under 1000 installations. Once the app has over 1000 installations, AppsGeyser will activate the ads and 100% of ad revenue will go to AppsGeyser until the app maker adds in their monetization code. Please remember, adding in your monetization code is the responsibility of the app maker, and your code can now be added in from day one.

When you are building your app audience, you may wish to keep the app ad free. This is now possible to do without having to apply for a premium upgrade. If the app has below 1000 installs and you have NOT added your monetization code, you will see NO ads.


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Reviews – How Can You Help Get Positive App Reviews

November 26th, 2015

Marketing is not all about getting your app into newspapers and interacting on social media websites. Marketing is also about getting your name out and into the hands of people who are willing to stand up and tell others about your app. We are talking about reviews. Whether or not you like the idea of people talking freely about your app, getting your app into review sites is one of the most important parts of marketing your Android app.

Make a Successful App

Rate My App – Turning the Negative into a Positive: Make a Successful App

Getting an app reviewed is a perfect way to gain extra exposure for your app, but be prepared that you many not always get a positive app review. Remember that human nature appears to love making people complain and rarely share when things are good! To get positive app reviews you need to be enticing people that have expressed good views on your app to publicly announce their love for your work.

What questions will be asked in reviews?

There are six main questions that reviewers will probably address when writing reviews. We suggest that you address each of these individually BEFORE you publish your app, to minimize getting poor reviews.

  1. Does it do what it says it does? This is probably the most important thing. An app that doesn’t live up to its promises is pretty much worthless. An app that lives up to its promises is off to a great start.
  2. Does it work efficiently? If the app crashes or requires frequent restarts, the review will suffer.
  3. How easy is the app to use? An app should be simple to use and require no explanation. Apps that are easy to use get better reviews.
  4. Is the app visually appealing? For a utility, clean lines and colors that work together well are important. For a game, visual appeal is even more important.
  5. How does it compare to other similar apps in the market? Does it perform as well as other apps? An app has to measure up to its competition to get a great review.


Remember, you will get poor reviews at times. This is not the end of the world because:

1: You will be able to update and change your app to iron out the problems people have raised.

2: Reply to the review with the steps that you are taking to repair the problem, and show the reviewers that you are listening to them.

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