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How to create the perfect app

How To Do Market Research For Google Play

Ok. Let us talk about how to market your app on the Google Play Store. Just like for any other apps (whether it’s for Windows, Amazon, or iOS0, we don’t really have a choice to market it or not if we want our app to succeed.

After launching several apps our own and for our clients, observing how it went, and talking with several app store optimization experts, developers, marketers, and testing cool services, we have a good idea of what can be done to make an Android app a success.

We’ve shared quite a few marketing ideas here on our blog and great content from others on social media, and now it’s time for more. This time, we will answer questions that we have received from readers, like:

How would I go about launching a new Android app on Google Play Store?

Is there anything special that I can do to make sure that people download my app?

This post is meant to teach you everything we know about marketing an Android app.

Just to set things straight. There’s really no “secret recipe,” and our marketing strategy is not exhaustive. It’s obvious that each app is different, and so should your marketing strategy. But it’s always a good starting point as it gives you options that you can experiment with.

There’s also no step-by-step process to launch an app, and some of these things have to be done simultaneously. But most of the time, what you need to do first is to do your research before building an app.


1. Do Your Research First Before You Build Your App

It’s essential that understand your users or your target audience before you write you develop your app. You have to predict what’s going to trend, know what’s hot in the market, what users are downloading right now, and what they want about it. You can determine these by conducting surveys or by sitting down with your beta users. This market research has to guide you in your app development and iterate to improve until it is finished.

I’ll give you an example. In 2015, Cartoon Network announced the Powerpuff Girls series reboot, and it’s gonna air this 2016. Those wise app developers took advantage of this announcement. Because why not? Way back in 2015, there’s only a few apps or games about Powerpuff Girls. And since it’s going to be a big hit Worldwide due to its fan base, it’s really a good idea to create or develop an app out of it. And guess what, they are right!

Take for example Defenders of Townsville, Puff Girls Puzzle, and Power Girl Game to name the few. They are not really good apps, but they are getting a lot of traction today due to high traffic and low competition. Pretty wise move eh?

Conduct Market Research with Google

Google Search and Related Searches

When you perform a search on Google, you will see a drop down box that will show you some alternative search terms related to the keyword or phrase you typed.


Write these down in a notepad file or write them on a piece of paper. These terms will be useful as part of your keyword list, in the next tool (Adwords Keyword Tool). You will also see more related search terms after you click search. At the bottom of the search results page, you will see “searches related to:” Write these down as well.



Adwords Keyword Tool

The keywords and search phrases are very important because it drives the Internet. Google has provided us a free tool to tells us which keywords and phrases are being used by people to find what they are looking for. It’s the Keyword Planner AKA the Adwords Keyword Tool. With this, you’d be able to search a specific country, a set, or all countries.

It’s more valuable because it shows actual search numbers. With the help of this tool, you’d be able to identify which keywords have the highest traffic and with the lowest competition. See screenshot below:
In this example, the term “Kobe Bryant News” is a good keyword because it has a high traffic score (4000 average monthly searches) with a low competition score.

Google Trends

Don’t go into your app business blind. Do your research and use Google Trends. With this tool, you can do some more research to unlock some valuable information about your target market. Doing this will save you time, effort, money and frustration. It will also help you in developing your market plan as this tool can answer these important questions:

  1.  What are people searching for?
  2. Is my niche trending up or down?
  3. What’s your target audience?
  4. Where are they located?
  5. Any other hot topics related to my niche?

Google Trends can help you answer all these questions and unlocks important data about your target or your chosen market.
How to Use Google Trends for Research

  1. Go to http://google.com/trends
  2. Enter Your Keyword or Search Topic in The Box
  3. Analyze Trends
You want to use this graph to determine if your market is trending up or down. In this case, it is right? But don’t use the first search term as your only validation. Try to use different variations to get a better perspective.

4. Use the Map To Identify Where People Are Searching From

The regional provides some valuable information. It will tell you where people are searching from around the World. This helps you determine where your target market is located. Surprisingly, in this example, it’s pretty obvious that your target market should be the Philippines.

5. Use Related Search

You may also use the related search information to get other topics or keywords in your niche that are growing in popularity.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be used to stay in touch with what’s hot in your chosen or target market. It’s easy to use because all you got to do is enter the most popular phrases in your market. Google will then send you links to your email depending on what type you select.
These can be in a form of news, web links, blogs, videos, and groups. If you want a mix of all, you just need to select comprehensive.
Google Web Search

Lastly, we have the Web search. This is very useful because it can tell you what type of content is important based your search term.

In my example, I just see blogs, new sites, and images. It gives me an idea that I should write a blog or reach out to news sites for me to reach the top 10 of Google. I did not see any Web 2.0 style sites such as Blogger, but that could be another avenue. There are no AdWords ads on the right side the screen, which is supposed to tell you that your chosen market is commercially viable and more importantly that your keyword is good enough to pay for.


2. Monetize Your App

Of course, you should also think of ways on how you could monetize your app. It’s something you need to think about early. You must find out which monetization works best: it might be through ads, or by going for a paid app.

If you want to go for the paid app route, I suggest that you start with the higher price so you can later lower it down and provide some discounts. What’s more is that you can also go for a hybrid model with different kinds of monetization like a free app with in-app purchases for example.


3. Build an Awesome Marketing Plan

  1. Planning is very important in app marketing. Here is how to build a good marketing plan for your Google PlayStore app.
  2. Build Awareness – PR, Social networking sites, news sites, or websites in your niche. Here’s where you can find the coverage for your app: https://submit.co/
  3. Trial – Free/Trial version, mobile ads, incentivized downloads, cross selling
  4. Purchase – Mobile/web, notifications, discounts/offers, Bulk sales, CRM
  5. Repeat – Loyalty program, social networking sites integration, bug fixes/updates, CRM, product extensions.

As you can see, even if you don’t have the budget to buy the latest marketing tools, there are still ways to get some vital information using free tools from Google. Use them to your advantage and market your Google Playstore app accordingly. Are you starting to love them now? Hope this tips and advice were useful to you and if you have time, read my other articles about app marketing.

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Branding – The Magical Ingredient to Android App Success

AppsGeyser has helped thousands of people create Android apps for various reasons. Some people want to create apps for their existing business, others as a way to start their very own app business. But what AppsGeyser does not provide app makers with is instant Android app success. To be a successful app maker, you need to understand the market and how to connect with your audience. Whatever your reason is behind creating an app, in order to succeed you need to ensure that you include that one vital ingredient — the one ingredient that will bring all your ideas together. Branding.

Image via infinity-intellectual.com

The consistency of your branding style needs to be solid if you want to build a solid audience across all aspects of your business. Brand consistency will bring a unified identity to your business, and it is through this identity that your business will become visually recognizable to your audience regardless of which medium they are connecting to you from, be it via your apps, your existing business website, or your social media pages. Your brand style will have an impact on your audience community.

Brand identification is paramount within your marketing strategy. It is this vital ingredient that will unite all the different aspects of your business together, under one umbrella. It is the united branding that will capture the attention of your audience, and build loyalty and a sense of security and trust. It will also enable you to create relationships, which is paramount for any business to succeed, and especially so for Android app success.

The way in which businesses succeed in the long term has changed in recent times. No longer is marketing a business by creating a brand name, identity and tagline enough. Rebranding and changing the face of a business to attract new users is no longer enough to induce long term loyalty. Branding is not a simple sales tool, but it is the key to building relationships — relationships that will begin after the initial deal has been clinched.

What we have learned is that brand awareness will help a business get into the consideration stage of a buyers journey, but it will not necessarily clinch a deal. What will turn your brand into the brand that people will choose and stay loyal to is your ability to provide the H2H (Human-to-Human) element. Your brand style must include the way you interact with your internal staff and your audience. Emotion and relationship building can no longer be removed from the sales and branding cycle.

How does your app fit in with your business brand? Have you been able to bring together all aspects of your business? Time to consider your public face before you move forward.