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Measure Your App Success

November 28th, 2014

The reason you have made an app is totally personal to you, users make Android apps for different reasons, it may be as a new business venture, it may be to market an existing business or it may for fun between friends or family. How do you know if your app is really successful? Today we are going to look at ways in which you can measure your app success.

You're not alone. AppsGeyser can guide you to app success!

You’re not alone. AppsGeyser can guide you to app success!

In the past 3 years we have witnessed thousands of apps come and go, apps that never made it into any app store, apps that were uploaded to GooglePlay and then never updated, apps that never saw a single upload. Thankfully, on the other side of this, we have also witnessed some great successes.

Let us track Success

1: Do you know where your audience is coming from? How do you know which of your marketing tricks is working best? You can find this information out by tracking where the audience comes from, are they coming from your social websites? Are they finding you in GooglePlay? Have they seen your advert in your traditional marketing campaign? Once you know which of your marketing campaigns is working the best you can then tweak it and focus upon growing this campaign. You can also start changing the other campaigns as they need improving too.


2: What is your usage ratio – How many people are actually bothering to use your app after downloading it? AppsGeyser allows you to monetize your app after it has been used an average of just 3 times per install, although this is a very low number, you will be surprised to know that many apps are used just the once before being abandoned. Why are people not coming back to your app? Time to find out why people are leaving you after visiting just once or twice.


3: Time spent on app – If you are looking at making money, your app needs to not only be used frequently, but also used for prolonged period of time. The more time people are on your app the more money you will make. If you aren’t making money but your app is being accessed, then you need to focus upon getting people to stay for a longer period of time. Maybe you can add more content, a different tab, another game.

4: Install/uninstall ratio – Your app can serious be affected if you have a high uninstall to install ratio. GooglePlay looks upon apps that are uninstalled frequently poorly and will punish you by placing your app lower down on an organic search making your app much harder to find. Why are people uninstalling your app? Is it people your app description is not concise? Are people expecting something else from your app? Is you app not fulfilling your app users’ needs?

5: App ratings – If you want to measure what your app users really think of your app just take a look at your app ratings. This is as clear as clear can be. Unfortunately we do find that people like to complain, it is vital that you always respond to a poor review and fix and errors that have occurred.

In order to obtain Android app success you need to be measuring your app’s usage and act upon the results that you get.

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Plan Your Android App Success

November 27th, 2014

Did you know that for every 100 apps that are created, only 10 of them go on to have some form of success? That figure saddens me greatly because the reason most apps fail are due to the lack of planning. You need to plan your Android app success because success won’t just jump out at you, it is something that must be determined from the outset and planned down to the last detail.


key to free android app success

key to free android app success

What is success?

This is not something I can answer, the reason is because the idea of success differs from person to person. The success for one person is not what another may consider success. Let me explain:

Mr Adams has a shop selling animal equipment and Mr Jones is an apprenuer. Mr Adams has 1000 downloads and Mr Jones has 2000 downloads for their apps, so, Mr Jones is more successful right? No. Mr Adams created his app in order to get people to his shop, since he developed his app his sales have risen by 30% making him more money and increasing his clientbase. Mr Jones may have more app downloads, but the users are not sharing the app, the usage ratio is low and he is not getting any revenue from his banner ads. Mr Jones has not reached the goals that he had set for his app.

Plan your path

Once you have decided what the definition of success for your app is, you need to set a plan that will guide you to your success. What marketing tactics do you need to get your app to where it needs to be? Do you need to be sending push notifications, getting a buzz going on your social networks, indulging in traditional marketing, promoting on YouTube or even tweaking your ASO? These are all questions that need to be answered in order to pave out your marketing path to success.

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