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5 Mistakes App Makers Make When Marketing Mobile Apps

March 2nd, 2015

AppsGeyser blog often gives you tutorials on how to make an app, make an app successfully and marketing mobile apps, but what I want to do today is not to tell you what you should be doing when marketing mobile apps, but what you SHOULDN’T be doing.

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There are five mistakes that are commonly made when marketing mobile apps.

1: Mobile is not static – When you use a mobile to market you apps you need to remember that the mobile device is not the standard desktop and functionalities differ. There are many aspects of mobile that you need to ensure are adapted for mobile use, such as screen size and font size.

In addition to screen size, mobile devices offer far more, they offer location tools, communication tools and even photo tools. All of these can and should be used to extent the mobile marketing experience and make the most of the app.

Always ensure that if your mobile app accesses URL links, that these links are mobile optimized or else you will lose your audience before you’ve gained their loyalty with your content.

2: Marketing plan – Do you know that over 80% of all app makers fail due to their failure to ensure that they have a mobile marketing plan in place before they begin building their app? So many of our app makers email through to me to ask why their app is receiving such a low download ratio and when I question their marketing techniques they say they have none in place. Your app will never become a success unless a marketing plan is in place.

3: Mobile Optimization – If you use URL links in your app that are not optimized for mobile use then you are looking for certain failure. Mobile optimization ensures that URL links are read and viewed correctly on mobile devices. This will ensure that the app user receives a pleasant app user experience.

4: Planning for retention – Before you think of publishing your app you need to consider how you will retain your customers. If users only use your app once, your user ratio will remain low and your earning power and longevity of the app will be limited.

5: Understanding the app user – The most important aspect of marketing is understanding your customer and focusing your marketing on their personal needs. If your app is a content rich app that educates the user on the use of power tools, then your advert for your other app, for make-up, that appears in the app will be rendered useless.

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Market Your App For Free With Your App Empire

March 1st, 2015

The past few posts we have concentrated a lot on the importance of creating an app empire. One of the main reasons we cited for creating an app empire,  and not just a sole app, was because an app empire gives you, as an app maker, more weight and credibility.

We have also spoken about the  importance of optimizing your app before you publish your app on Google Play and alternate app stores. Optimizing your app helps you get your app ranked high. App optimization, together with creating an app empire are both two very strong ways to help you market your app effectively.

Market Your App

App Empire

An app empire, or family of apps, is a group of apps that an app maker creates, usually based upon one theme. You may be wondering why you would want a network of apps that are based upon one theme. The first reason is that apps that are within a network tend to get ten times more downloads than single apps and secondly, by using different template styles, you are increasing the audience size that your apps are being aimed at.

Apps in app empires get more downloads

The reason that this occurs is due to the options for free internal marketing. Take this free app that we reviewed a while ago, Photoshop tutorial.  This app was created by an app creator that has multiple apps all based around the theme of educating their audience on different computer programs. The app maker utilizes their range of apps within their app family to advertise their ‘sibling apps’ from within the app.

What ways can you advertise from within an app?

There are four ways that you can incorporate free advertising from within your app:

1: A full page banner – This advert is the biggest and clearest promotional tools used in app making. The banner usually will be relevant to the current app as well as advertising the ‘sibling’ app. Within the banner a link to the advertised app is included.

2: Loading page – While the loading page should not be used as an advertising tool as such it can be utilized to promote sibling apps. While waiting for the app to load a loading page can be applied. The loading page should feature a clear reference to the app that is about to open and in addition there is room to link to the sibling apps.

3: Internal links and internal adverts – Within the app itself it is common to see banner ads and links to external apps. This can be utilized to advertise your own apps that appear in your app family.

4: Alerts – Free with your AppsGeyser account comes 3 alerts that can be used to advertise your external apps. An alert, or push notification as it is also known as, is that little reminder of something that is important. It pops up and makes the user take notice.

Learning to market your app is one of the most important aspects of app making. An app that is floating in an app store will most likely be hidden and lost. An app within an app empire has more chances of being seen and used, leading to app success for the app maker. Start planning how to market your app and plan your app empire today

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