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New App Feature – 8 New App Game Templates

October 22nd, 2014

Our new year’s dream was to make lots of app game templates for you to use in your app networks and we have successfully created some amazing Android app game templates. In the past week we have released not just one, but another EIGHT gaming templates that you can create using AppsGeyser.

app game templates

8 new app game templates


What we have seen from the feedback and the data we have gathered is that the game templates are proving to be very popular among all app makers, those that are creating app businesses and also those that are creating apps to help their existing  businesses.

Gaming apps are helping app makers keep their audiences on their apps for longer period of time and returning more frequently to the app  which means that the app maker is not only building more custmer awareness to their brand but is also profiting financially from their apps. Monetizing your app can be a controversial issue for many because many app makers complain that users are not returning to their apps once the app has been downloaded and their usage ratio remains low, well the gaming templates have been seen to curb that issue. Creating an Android app is an exciting process, but seeing your app in progress, knowing that this is your work that your users are returning to day in and day out really gives you, the app maker self satisfaction.  that you have created makes app making so worthwhile. The 8 new app game templates will help you get your usage ratio up high so that you can earn more revenue and will also increase your audience numbers.

What are the new app game templates?

Cube Sprint 3D Game  This game is similar in style to the famous flappy bird game, but with a little different AppsGeyser mechanics.
Volleyball 2D Game  Player vs AI volleyball game.
Decision Maker Game  Like a Magic Ball but in 3D.
Caves 3D game.  3D puzzle game.
Tap Wars Game  multiplayer game.
Blink game  Game like Blek.
Color Change  2D Platformer.
Jump Man  breakthrough runner game.


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Making An Android App Success Tip Number 1: URL Should Be Mobile Friendly

October 20th, 2014

If I was given a dollar for everytime I get an email that says: ‘Kim, Ive made an app from my website, but it looks different. why?’ I would be on my way to becoming a millionaire. One of the most common mistakes people make when making an Android app is that they forget to make their URL mobile friendly. When creating an app it is vital that you turn your existing website into a mobile friendly website, this is will ensure that  your website is designed for all devices including phones, tablets and even flat-screen TVs.

You can adapt your website in two ways to suit the mobile world, you can either adjust your existing website or you can create a parallel version of your website with a mobile friendly design.

How do I adjust my existing site?

Simplify your design – If you view your website on a smartphone or by using Google’s GoMOMeter website you will see what design changes are required. The usual points to note for a website to be viewed properly are to ensure the following

1:Pages use large font

2:Information you want users to view without scrolling is places in the top half of the website

3:Buttons are large as fat fingers won’t be able to access tiny buttons on a mobile

 Create a mobile version of your site – You can always create a new website using a mobile friendly optimized template, such as those on that mirrors your existing website. This will create a second URL for your website starting with a m.subdomain, this may make the website difficult to find on a search engine, however, this is most probably the cheapest and easiest way to ensure you are not ignoring the mobile audience

 What is an adaptive website?

An adaptive website is a website that is able to detect which device the user to viewing the website from and will automatically generate a page that suits the users’ device automatically.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website will auto-adjust to display properly on any device, no matter the size of the screen the design will automatically display properly to ensure your audience gets the best view. 

If you are using a template based web-design website to create your website always make sure that you see the theme you have chosen is labelled as responsive to ensure that it will automatically resize to suit the mobile audience. If you have hired a designer, check with them that they understand the term responsive, if they don’t, go get yourself a new designer.

Making an Android app from a weblink is the easiest part of the app creation process. Click here to learn how to create an app from your URL.

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